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    From: Rachael Langford
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    A few queries here which I'm hoping someone might be able to answer:
    1. Does anyone have subscription details for 'Ecrans d'Afrique'? - I would
    like to order this for our university library but don't have any more
    details than its title and a recommendation.
    2. Does no-one distribute Souleymane Cisse's or Ousmane Sembene's films on
    video? - Neither the Videotheque des 3 Mondes, nor California Newsreel have
    these available for purchase. I can't believe that none of you manage to
    teach/research on films by these directors - how do you get hold of their
    films for low-cost multiple viewing?
    3.Recently on this list Ken Harrow flagged up AUDECAM in Paris as "the
    best overall collection of Francophone films I know". Ken, do you - or does
    anyone else - have an address, telephone number etc. for AUDECAM? Many
    thanks for all your help; and many thanks to the editors of this list, it's
    just an amazingly helpful resource. Keep up the good work! Rachael

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