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    Cornelius Moore informed me last fall that Sembene has never given
    permission for his films to be put on tape; hence the cost to those of us
    who use them in our classes. I rented Camp de Thiaroye and Borom Sarret for
    my introductory class and had to show each IN CLASS because of the limit on
    showings-one only. "Camp" is four reels and takes two full class periods-I
    wonder if he would be amenable to changing his position so we could use his
    work more effectively.
    Marylee Crofts
    Associate Dean
    Cronin International Center
    Bentley College
    Waltham, MA 02154

    PS from Steve Smith moderator - Sembene told me years ago that he never
    allows video copies of his work, in his (well-founded) fear of pirates. I
    see no reason why he should change his mind, so I doubt you'll find videos.
    Cheers, Steve

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