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    Suggestions for films to show at your camp:
    Though highly political and violent, this feature film accruately portrays
    the post-independence struggle for equality, representation, and justice in
    West Africa. The film follows the life of a clandestine taxi cab driver,
    his involvement with political groups, and his disillusionment after being
    sent to prison. It also gives a nice overview of African communities
    outside of Africa, for example in Germany (I think it was), and the
    importance of traditions being carried on there.
    Touki Bouki
    Deals with two young people's search for the perfect life. Most of the film
    deals with the various crazy things they do to obtain the money for passage
    to Europe (the perfect life, remember). A highly entertaining film, it also
    gives a good view of the attitude of the youth at the time (70's, I think),
    and has a slight twist at the end.
    It's not terribly modern, but it would work well with your age group.
    Tableau Ferraille
    This film came out in the past couple of years and follows the life of a
    young woman who becomes married to a political big shot. He takes on
    another wife and ruins his life, but she remains strong. The film involves
    the themes of corruption, polygamy, and the role and strength of women in

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