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    From: Cornelius Moore <>

    Steve: Please tell us how and who to contact the people in Geneva to find
    out more about the winners. Thanks.
    Cornelius Moore
    California Newsreel
    149 Ninth Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    phone: 415.621.6196
    fax: 415.621.6522

    You can contact Tina Biollat, Coordinator of the
    North-South Media Encounters at:

    20 quai Ernest-Anermet
    CH-1211 Geneva 8 Switzerland
    Tel: (022) 708 81 93
    Fax: (022) 328 94 10

    The 15th North-South Media Encounter is in Geneva May 3-7, 1999 if anyone
    wants to enter into the festival.
    Cheers, Steve Smith, moderator

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