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    From: Aboubakar Sidiki Sanogo []

    The motion picture community has lost one of its geniuses. Djibril Diop
    Mambety, the physically, spiritually and intellectually tall Senegalese film
    director passed away on Thursday, July 23rd 1998 in a Paris hospital. He
    was receiving treatment for lung cancer. Djibril Diop Mambety will be
    remembered for his masterpieces "Touki Bouki" (1973),(which earned him
    international recognition at the Cannes Film Festival of that year)
    "Hyenas"(1992) and "Le Franc"( 1994) , all stunning for their visual poetry
    and mastery of story-telling.
    My favorite quote from Djibril is the one he had in a 1991 interview
    published in Ecrans d'Afrique/African Screen Magazine. He says :
    "One day I ran into God. He seemed quite tired, a bit panic-stricken. I told
    him I was Djibril Al Islam, the messenger of God... I asked him what the
    matter was. He replied "I'm looking for my mother". I told Him "Go and have
    some sleep. You'll be luckier tomorrow". And that's exactly what he
    Today the messenger is probably having lunch with God, feeding him
    back on what he saw on our troubled planet during his very short
    VISIT(1945-1998 ).
    Goodbye Djibril, may your soul rest in peace.

    Aboubakar Sidiki Sanogo
    Fellow-Film Programming
    National Museum of African Art
    Smithsonian Institution
    950 Independence Ave, SW
    Washington Dc 20560
    Phone 202-357-4600 (ext) 224
    Fax 202-357-4879

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