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    The Detroit International Film Festival
    is looking for unique visions on film and video.
    Any format, any genre, any length.
    Films by and for a diverse ethnic community.
    Competition for Shorts & Features.
    Deadline: Aug. 31, 1998
    Festival to be held Nov. 5-8th.
    For more info:
    ofc: (313) 255-0098, fax: (313) 255-1035, email:
    We are very interested having strong African American & African components
    to the festival, as well as other ethnic film & videos.
    Please pass this call along to anyone you think may be interested...
    Wayne Indyk
    Co-chair, DIFF
    Director, DFC

    Detroit Filmmakers Coalition (313) 255-0098 ofc
    17360 Lahser Road, Suite 200 (313) 255-1035 fax
    Detroit, MI 48219 email web
    "...creating a vital center for independent filmmaking in Detroit."

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