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    There is a classic textbook on documentary film by Eric Barnouw: Documentary
    - the History of the Non-Fiction Film.
    There are additional titles that may be of interest to your class because
    they deal with ethnographic film, films on ethnic identities and dealing
    with cultures other than mainstream American:
    1) The book edited by Lucien taylor has already been mentioned by
    another respondent.
    2) Principles of Visual Anthropology edited by Paul Hockings (new &
    revised edition 1995).
    3) Anthropological Filmmaking, edited by Jack Rollwagen, (1989?)
    4) Rethinking Visual Anthropology edited by Markus Banks & Howard
    Morphy (1997)
    5) Fields of Vision: Essays in Film Studies, Visual Anthropology, and
    Photography. edited by Leslie Devereux and Roger Hillman (1995). There are
    also two books dealing specifically with Jean Rouch (as you mentioned
    Manthia Diawara's film on Rouch):
    1) Mick Eaton, Anthropology-Reality-Cinema: The Films of Jean
    Rouch (British Film Institute, 1979?)
    2) Paul Stoller, The Cinematic Griot, Jean Rouch (1996?)

    Sabine Jell-Bahlsen

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