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    Gloria Rolando to visit US in Oct - Nov of '98

    AfroCuban film maker Gloria Rolando will be visiting the US from October 1
    to at least mid November of '98. She will be working in New York on her
    new film concerning the 1912 massacre of the Independents of Color, the
    first black political party in the hemisphere. She would also like to visit
    Washington and San Francisco.

    Gloria will bring with her the three films she has shown in the US before
    and will be available to do some showings. Details on the films, My
    Footsteps in Baragua, Oggun, and Eyes of the Rainbow, are available on

    Those interested in having a showing should contact Chester King at

    There is an immediate need for a letter of invitation from a recognized
    cultural or educational institution to get her up here. Funds for that
    have been provided.

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