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    From: Zoe Elton []

    Here's some information on the 21st Mill Valley Film Festival:=20
    Dates are October 1--11=20
    website info:
    tel: 415-383-5256=20

    And...films of African and African-American interest this year--=20

    We open with DOWN IN THE DELTA, Maya Angelou's directorial debut. Alfre
    Woodard stars, and will be here in person. =20

    There will be a reprise screening of HYENAS, in tribute to Djibril Diop

    Abderrahmane Sissoko will be attending a screening of LIFE ON EARTH =

    Fanta R=E9gina Nacro will attend a program of her shorts, A CERTAIN =
    PUC NINI, and LE TRUC DE KONATE--and this program is in collaboration =
    Aboubakar Sanago at the Smithsonian, and came about thanks to a listing
    here. She'll be going to Washington after her screening at Mill Valley. =

    Italian director Ivana Massetti will be here with her film NADRO, about
    Ivory Coast artist Fr=E9d=E9ric Bruly Bouabr=E9. Mohamed Camara's DAKAN =
    screen. =20

    Lutz Leonhardt's ZAKIR AND HIS FRIENDS uses Indian tabla player Zakir
    Hussain as a starting point for an exploration of rhythm in music =
    across the
    world, including stops in West Africa. Hussain will also perform live.=20

    Two films shot in South Africa are featured--Belgian director Marion
    H=E4nsel's THE QUARRY, and U'BEJANI, by Wayne Crawford. =20

    Theo Eshetu's journey back to his Ethiopian roots is documented in =
    NOT FRESH WATER, and Manthia Diawara returns to Guinea in IN SEARCH OF
    AFRICA. =20

    Jacques Dubuisson's IMUHAR: A LEGEND screens as a part of the =
    FilmFest, and Nickelodeon's Kenan and Kel will appear at a special in =

    There are lots of other films from the rest of the world, too. I hope =
    of you will be able to come. (We're just over the bridge from San

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