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    This isn't exactly African cinema, but I think it might interest many of us.
    Cheers, Steve Smith, moderator...

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    Date: Wednesday, 16 Sept 1998
    From: (Professor Christopher Roy)

    The Art and Life in Africa Project at the University of Iowa anounces the
    completion of its interactive CD-ROM program.
    It is intended to provide students (multiple levels) with text and images
    that will help them understand that Africans make and use art at important
    events throughout their lives to solve problems, overcome adversity, and
    meet the unique challenges of life in an African environment. The CD-ROM
    consists of several different sections linked together: chapters, essays,
    enthographies, countries information, bibliography, and images and media
    catalogues. Chapter titles include "Key Moments in Life," "Human Abundance,"
    "Art and Education," "Governance and Social Order," "Death and the
    Ancestors," Cultural Exchange," among others. The program is based on
    images of art objects from the Stanley Collection at The University of Iowa,
    the collections at the Indiana University Museum of Art, the Fowler Museum
    of Cultural History at UCLA, the Seattle Art Museum, The Metropolitan Museum
    of Art, the Detroit Institute of Arts, and others.
    Images of objects are supplemented by field photos by prominent American,
    European, and African scholars of African art history, anthropology and
    other disciplines that show the same or similar objects being used in
    Africa. Thirty-six of these essays have been included. The program includes
    eleven chapters, with 10,000 images of 600 objects, 750 field photographs
    and over 1400 pages of text. There are 128 ethnographies, twenty-eight
    country maps and studies. There are also video clips of art being used in
    performance, and several samples of African music provided by the Archives
    of Traditional Music at Indiana University. A fully searchable Index and
    Slide Show Maker permits teachers to assemble objects, text, videos, and
    music to create their own presentations.
    Recommended system requirements to run the Art and Life in Africa CD-ROM:
    Macintosh: PowerPC or 68040, with 24 MB of RAM
    Windows: Windows 95 or Windows 98, Pentium or 486, with 32 MB RAM
    For more information visit our WEB site at

    CDROM Price: $50
    Teacher's Guide: $10 (this will also be available for free electronically on
    our web site)
    S/H: $5 for 1-4 copies, $10 for 5+ copies
    Order 10 or more CDs and receive a 20% discount (brings the cost down to
    Send Check, Money Order, or University/School Purchase order to:
    Art and Life in Africa Project
    100 Oakdale Campus, Rm N151 OH
    The University of Iowa
    Iowa City, IA 52242-5000
    Attn: Order Department
    phone: 319-335-4098
    fax: 319-335-4097

    Christopher D. Roy
    Professor of the History of Art
    Project Director
    "Art and Life in Africa CD"
    Obermann Center for Advanced Study
    Oakdale Campus
    The University of Iowa
    Iowa City, IA 52242
    Phone 319/335-4098
    Fax. 319/335-4097

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