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    Dear Colleagues,

    The African Media Program at Michigan State University will be conducting a
    workshop, entitled “Teaching the African Environment in the Undergraduate
    Curriculum”. This workshop, to be held on February 4 - 6, 1999 at Michigan
    State University, will address the use of African films and videos to teach
    about the African environment. Many undergraduate courses use films and
    videos to teach about the African environment, however these films and
    videos are often outdated and promote stereotypic images of Africa.
    Furthermore, the concept of the African environment for many American
    students is limited to African wildlife devoid of humans. This workshop
    aims to enhance social science, natural science and humanities
    undergraduate courses that teach about the African environment, by
    encouraging the use of film and video images of Africans and Africa that
    are representative and that challenge the conventional definition of the
    African environment.

    The workshop will focus on the following topics:
    1) Defining Nature and the Environment: Historical and Contemporary
    2) Pressures on the African Environment: Population, Migration, Food, and
    3) Wildlife, Land, Agriculture, and Society
    4) Politics, Social Participation, and Conflict over the Environment.

    The African Media Program is looking for suggestions of films and videos on
    Africa that address these topics. We are particularly interested in films
    and videos that present humans as an integral part of the environment and
    that deal with the interconnectedness of world systems and the African

    This workshop is made possible with the generous support of the U.S.
    Department of Education.

    Thank you,

    Tama Hamilton-Wray, Coordinator
    African Media Program, Michigan State University

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    African Media Program
    African Studies Center - Michigan State University
    100 Center for International Programs
    East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1035, U.S.A.
    phone: 517-432-0057 - fax: 517-432-1209

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