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About: Researching Basil Davidson

Fri, 06 Nov 1998 06:48:58 -0800

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    Hi Mr. Davidson,
    I'm attending the PACE program for working adults at Pierce College,
    Woodland Hills, California. I'm working on a term paper for my professor,
    Mrs. P.G. Sievers, in the class of African History.
    I am reading the book titled "African Slave Trade" and need to obtain
    background information on the author, Basil Davidson. I hope I am
    addressing this email
    to the author, Basil and to obtain answers to the following questions:
    Who is the author?
    Other publications?
    Qualifications: where born, educated and what subject(s)?
    Have any degrees and what subjects?
    I will send a message to my professor on your questions related to the
    Look forward to hearing from Basil. thanks! gayle

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