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About: Second Annual summit of the Black Filmmakers Foundation

Sat, 7 Nov 1998 13:25:17 -0500

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    Issue: Film/Minorities
    This week, minority directors and producers gathered in Dana Point, CA =
    the second annual summit of the Black Filmmakers Foundation. Many of =
    speakers shared their frustration over difficulties in obtaining =
    and attracting audiences, even within the black community. In =
    financing issues, Robert Johnson, founder and chairman of the Black
    Entertainment Television, said that complaining about the barriers was =
    enough. "You wake up black in America, and that alone is a challenge," =
    said. "But what are you going to do, go back to bed? For an =
    those challenges are part of the standard operating procedure." Speaker
    Corrnel West, professor of religion and African-American studies at =
    University, offered hope and encouragement to the gathering: "I think =
    at an historic turning point. There are tremendous expectations of all =
    you," he added, "I personally believe that, in terms of entertainment, =
    there was really a fair playing field, the entertainment industry would =
    a lot like the N.B.A."
    [SOURCE: New York Times (B15), AUTHOR: James Sterngold]
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