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    From: "Gray, John" < <> >
    Subject: FW: Query: films of Kwaw Ansah

    Kwaw Ansah can be contacted directly at:
    Fax: 011 233 21 22 33 20
    Tel: 011 233 21 224-323 or 228-702
    His address is: 30 Sobukwe Road - Adabraka, Accra, Ghana
    As of now, I am quite sure he does not have a U.S. distributor.
    Mahen Bonetti
    African Film Festival, Inc.

    From: Prema Qadir < <> >
    Subject: Re: Query: films of Kwaw Ansah
    Cc: okyeame@AfricaOnline.Com <mailto:okyeame@AfricaOnline.Com> ,

    There is a Ghanaian mailing list which you can send your message to. It was
    created specifically for Ghanaian people and their significant others.......
    The list is called Okyeame. <okyeame@AfricaOnline.Com
    <mailto:okyeame@AfricaOnline.Com> >
    Okyeame has an open submission policy so that anyone can send messages to
    the list. Perhaps someone there could be of some help.
    I have copied this message to Okyeame....
    Good luck!

    love, prema

    From: Sandra Barkan <
    <> >
    Subject: Re: Query: films of Kwaw Ansah

    I don't know about distributors of Love Brewed in an African Pot, but we
    just showed Heritage Africa at the University of Iowa. Kofi Anyidoho hand
    carried the video from Ghana to the University to show and discuss, and hand
    carried it back to Ghana. We could not get the film, because it was being
    shown in a film festival in Ghana at the time we wanted it. The video
    version was not in very good condition and we paid a lot to have it (more
    than double what we paid for any other video we used in a film course I
    taught this fall). Having said that, it's a very good film and well worth
    showing. Kwaw Ansah is in Accra, and I think you will need to contact him
    directly to get a copy of the film.
    Sandy Barkan
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    From: Robert Cancel [mailto:rcancel@UCSD.Edu]
    Sent: Monday, November 30, 1998 12:33 PM
    Subject: Query: films of Kwaw Ansah

    I am trying to locate contact information for Ghanaian film director Kwaw
    Ansah and a distributor for his films: _Love Brewed in an African Pot_ and
    _Heritage Africa_. Can anyone help?

    Carmela Garritano

    Department of English
    Michigan State University
    East Lansing, MI 48824
    e-mail: <>

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