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About: digital technology for film makers

Fri, 8 Jan 1999 07:42:05 -0500

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    Issue: Film
    Beyond just creating really cool special effects, digital technology has
    enabled independent filmmakers to produce higher quality movies at lower
    costs than previously possible. Now, more and more films made with the aid
    of powerful home computers and digital camcorders are finding their way into
    theaters. "The filmmaker of the future is the person holding a computer
    mouse," says Chris Gore, publisher of an underground film magazine. With new
    technologies, struggling filmmakers no longer have to worry about the
    expensive cost of film stock and developing. This increased accessibility to
    the means of film production means that many new voices will have
    opportunities to tell their stories. "This technology offers a real
    opportunity for filmmakers who currently have been very marginalized by the
    industry to create their own footholds in cinema," said Kay Shaw, founder
    and owner of Amber Images, a distributor of minority films. [SOURCE: New
    York Times (E1), AUTHOR: Michel Marriot]


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