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    ArtMattan Productions
    535 Cathedral Parkway - #14B - New York, NY, 10025-2064
    Tel. (212) 749-6020 - Fax (212) 316-6020

    For Immediate Release: January 18, 1999
    Contacts: Diarah or Reinaldo Spech


    Three titles will be part of 1999 African Diaspora Screening (ADS) series
    The Dinner, the directorial debut of veteran actor Bernie Casey,
    Playing Away, by Trinidadian film maker Horace Ove and
    100% Arabica, by Algerian director Mahmoud Zemmouri

    Plaza Twin located on 314 Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn. Tel: (718) 636-0110
    train 2 or 3 to Grand Army Plaza or train D or Q to 7th Ave


    The Dinner is the directorial debut of veteran actor Bernie Casey. Mr.
    Casey's feature film is a comment on the state of affairs of Black people in
    the United States and the world at large . Intertwined with images of one of
    the main characters' life, the film portrays three prominent Black men
    in a conversation around a dinner table in an elegant restaurant. Topics as
    varied as slavery and sexual orientation are discussed. This series affords
    New Yorkers the unique opportunity to see The Dinner again, after its sold
    out New York debut in 1997 during the 5th Annual African Diaspora Film
    Festival. Six Shows only from Friday, Feb. 19 to Sunday , Feb. 21 at 5:30pm
    9:30 pm. Ticket : $7 per person

    Playing Away is a comedy about a cricket team composed of Caribbean people
    from South London and its journey into one of the suburban areas of that
    for a match in celebration of the Third World Week. Director Horace Ove is
    of the most important filmmakers of the Black British cinema movement. He
    be at the screenings for Q&A. Friday 19 at 7:30pm, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21
    at 3:20pm and 7:30pm. Ticket: $7 per person

    With a strong musical component 100% Arabica is a comedy against ignorance
    intolerance. Algerian filmmaker Mahmoud Zemmouri goes into an African
    neighborhood in Paris and shows us how people live their difficult life yet
    have fun at the same time. With music by internationally renowned Rai
    Khaled and Cheb Mami 100% Arabica is a film that will make you laugh and
    all at once. Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 at 1:20pm. Ticket: $4 per person

    ArtMattan Productions is the organization behind the Contemporary African
    Diaspora Film Festival, founded by the husband and wife team of Reinaldo
    Barroso-Spech and Diarah N'Daw-Spech. Films such as Sankofa, The Journey of
    the Lion, Santera, The Dinner, The Keeper, Keita, the Heritage of the Griot,
    Taafe-Fanga, Haramuya, Ashakara and many more titles were premiered during
    Contemporary African Diaspora Film Festival.

    Started in 1994, the African Diaspora Series is ArtMattan Productions'
    celebration of Black History Month. Through the development of ADS with
    selected from its catalog and previous festivals ArtMattan Productions
    continues its commitment in the promotion and showcasing of African Diaspora
    cinema as a way to diversify the cinematic experience in New York City.

    VHS Tapes of films from the African Diaspora will be available for retail
    during the series. For further information please call : (212) 749-6020

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