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    Dear friends,
    on behalf of media committee for Hague Appeal for Peace 1999, I would like
    to announce that we are organizing a Youth Video Festival. Next year will
    mark the 100th anniversary of the International Peace Conference in the
    Hague. Hundreds of peace, human right, environment and other organizations
    will participate in this event.

    We are asking grassroots media groups throghout the world to become a
    sponsor and participating organization enabling young people by providing
    video equipment and produce a 3 minutes of video message for peace. The
    tapes will be shown at the Hague Peace Conference in May 11-15, 1999 in the

    These are the requirements for the tape makers: * Eligible Themes: A video
    message for peace(i.e: 'What is peace"in my world?' or 'my vision of a
    world without war')

    * Eligible Style: There is no limitation on creative styles. Tapes can be
    produced in any language - please attach an English translation.

    * Open to persons of all nationalities, 25 years of age or younger.

    * The video length should be under 3 minutes - all formats will be
    accepted.(VHS, Hi-8, 3/4", DVC in NTSC format are preferred)

    * Deadline for Entry: February 28,1999.

    * Entries should be shipped to: Hague youth Video Festival c/o DCTV 87
    Lafayette Street, New York, N.Y. 10013 USA tel 1.212.925.3429 fax

    * Shipping expenses will be reimbursed by the Youth Video Festival.

    * Awards: 1st Prize will be an invitation to the Hague Appeal for Peace
    Conference and Youth Video Festival May 11-15,1999.
    2nd Prizes will be a Olympus photo camera.

    Please e-mail me at ( <> ) and let
    me know if you could hand
    out information to your community and help young people make videotapes. If
    you want to know about the HAGUE APPEAL FOR PEACE you can check out website.
    ( <> ) Happy New Year.

    Hye-Jung Park
    Director of Programs
    Downtown Community Television Center
    87 Lafayette Street
    New York, NY 10013
    Tel. (212) 966-4510
    Fax (212) 219-0248
    Web: <>

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