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    I am forwarding this to the list in hopes someone may have suggestions for
    Dawn. Thank you.

    > From: Dawn M. Davis < <> >
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    > Subject: HELP!!!
    > Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 8:18 AM
    > I am taking part in a graduate seminar at the Department of Art of
    > University of Illinois at Chicago which is being taught by Mindy
    > (from the Video Data Bank) and Bea Santiago-Munoz (from Women in
    > Director's Chair). Part of the class work is to research,
    organize, and
    > promote a collection of videos, cd-roms, and web-sites on and
    around the
    > problematic of post-colonialism and neo-colonialism. We will put
    > a program which will be screened in May both at the University and
    > another site in Chicago. For the works chosen, artists will
    > fees.If all goes well, we may develop this project into a touring
    > We're looking for new experimental, and/or activist work (produced
    > the last two years) dealing and arising from the problematic of
    > post-colonialism, neo-colonialism, diaspora and migration,
    > (physical or otherwise), language, suppressed histories, and life
    in the
    > imperial metropolis. We are especially interested in work from
    areas such
    > as Mexico, the Carribbean, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and
    > America, India, the Middle East, the Balkans and Eastern Europe in
    > addition to the U.S. We are also particularly interested in work
    > byindigenous peoples from around the world.
    > Any ideas of new works or names of film/videomakers you could pass
    > along with their phone numbers or email addresses?
    > I would welcome suggestions of makers as well as of curators or
    > programmers familiar with this kind of work...
    > This is a large and complex project...I am very grateful for
    > suggestions you may have.
    > Many Thanks,
    > Dawn M. Davis

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