The House
Rooms x', w, x, y, z, 08, v

Room x'
Room x' is one of the smaller rooms in the house, situated in a northwestern corner. It's only entryway is in its southeastern corner, which leads to room w. The decorations around the room, done in Fourth Style, feature erotic scenes with white backgrounds and red borders. The room is thought to have been a cubiculum. It is also possible that it was below an upper level due to the presence beam sockets.

Room w
room 7 Room w is in the northeastern portion of the house. It can be accessed from its eastern wall from room v. Room x' is to its west and can be accessed through a small walkway. While it is situated along the courtyard it can not be directly accessed from the room. Various remains found inside the room suggest it served the function as a kitchen. Such items include an iron grill, bronze cooking pots, and ceramic jugs. There is also a statue of Priapus, along with another statue. It has been suggested that the two statues were originally in the garden and were moved to the room similarly to the how room r was used. Additionally, pieces from room r have been identified as part of the statue's repair.

Room x
This room is one of the smaller rooms of the house. It is situated towards the northern corner of the house, along its exterior wall. The room has only one small entrance on its eastern wall connecting it to room v. Little remains have been found in the room and its exact function is still unknown.

Room y
Room y is in the northern most corner of the home along its exterior wall. It has one entrance on its southeastern side which leads to either room v or z. As was the case with room x, large quantities of remains were not found in the room and so its exact function has been left unknown.

Room v
room 10Room v is in the northern corner of the house. detail of wallFrom the room, also considered a courtyard, a variety of other rooms can be accessed. To the west, the room leads to room w. Room x and y are off of the northern corner of the room. Room z also has a small entranceway to the northeast, as does room 08 which is off of the eastern corner of the room. In the center of the room is an impluvium, or pool. On the western wall there is a painting of lararium aedicula (seen in the photo). The painting was done in Fourth Style. Artifacts found in the area, such as razors and cups, suggest the room served a bathing purpose.
Detail of Serpents
Image of Room v

Room z
Room z is on the northeaster wall of the house. It is off of the internal courtyard (room v) and has an entranceway from its northwestern corner. Specific remains to allude to its function are not present.

Room 08
The room can be found off the eastern corner of the courtyard (room v). It is also open for access through a doorway on its western wall. The exact function of the room is unknown but there is evidence that it was used for storage in some capacity. The room is equipped with two shelves and a cupboard. Mau considered the room to be a storeroom.