Dangling Modifier Worksheet

Modifiers are words or phrases that add detail to the sentence. Included in this category are descriptive words, prepositional phrases, and subordinate clauses. Problems arise when readers are uncertain about what is being described because modifiers are misplaced or dangling.

Misplaced modifiers confuse readers because they're ambiguous; the readers can't tell which element in the sentence is being described.

Our revising the report thoroughly pleased Dr. Smith.

The lecturer said while the experiment was running he would not answer questions.

Dangling modifiers refer to elements that appear later in the sentence or not at all.

Before experimenting with monkeys, precautions should be taken to avoid viral contamination.

Entering the building, it turned out to be the wrong one.



  1. The fluids were sampled three times by pipetting.

  3. Realizing our mistake, a new solution was mixed.

  5. Please go down to the main office and lying on the desk you will find a copy of laboratory's financial records.

  7. After having been run through the computer, the researcher used the figures for his report.

  9. By using lab animals in medical testing, it can only hinder long-term development of new strategies.

  11. The gel was run three times by adding new dyes in each run.