21W765j/21L489j (U) (12 undergraduate credits)

21L989 (G) (12 graduate credits)
Interactive and Non-Linear Narrative: Theory and Practice

Dr. Janet H. Murray

STUDENT NAME HERE (and indicate G if graduate credit student)

To hand in work for this course, begin by copying this page, and putting your name above, with a "G" next to it if you are taking this course for graduate credit


Name the page with your last name.html (e.g. murray.html). When you create an assignment, you will hand it in by putting it in the correct folder of the course locker, and naming the top level (the folder if it is multiple pages, the page itself if it is only one page) with your last name followed by _<assignment code> and ".html". Thus a response to the first assignment by a student named Janet Murray would be on a page named murray_a1.html in the directory course/21/21w765j/Spring98/a1.

Your student page would contain links to all of the assignments you have handed in.


The reason for this system is so we can look at all responses to a given assignment in class by going to the directory for an assignment folder, and so that I can look at all the assignments of a single student by going to that student's page.