Eight O'Clock AMHi! BobbyMy name is Bobby, and I am a mouse. I live in the Park Street Subway Station. It is a very nice train station for a little guy like me, and it is always busy! I like watching all the people coming and going throughout the day, and listening to what they have to say.

Map of the T systemBut I need your help today! This morning I woke up with a HUGE craving for some nice French cheese. I don't care what kind- Camembert, Brie, or any other kind, as long as it is French! And I need you to help me figure out where I can find some cheese in the big city of Boston. I can ride the T for free, because I can scurry on before the doors shut without anyone seeing me. There are so many stops in the subway system, but I am sure I can find French cheese at one of them!

I wonder where I need to go? Maybe I can get some ideas from what the people in the train station say. But the Red Line trains heading towards Kendall Square and Downtown Crossing are just about to leave! I don't know what to do! Click on a link to help me decide where to go!