8.01 Sports Physics is a version of MIT's 8.01 Classical Mechanics with sports based hands on demos and labs. 8.01 Sports Physics is taught jointly by staff from MIT's Experimental Study Group and MIT's Athletic Department. Curriculum, tests, homework, etc. in 8.01 Sports Physics are identical to those of the regular curriculum 8.01 with the exception of the labs.

8.01S (a.k.a. SP.211) is a 12 unit academic and 4 unit physical education course. The fall 2006 class will meet the following times during the week:

Lecture Monday and Wednesday from 9-11 AM (24-619)

Lab/Gym Wednesday afternoon 1-3 PM and Friday morning 9-11 AM

Labs will meet in various locations (see syllabus).

Fall 2006 Syllabus (PDF; 42.2 kb)

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