6.033 Short Report Checklist


_____ Is there a clear thesis?
_____ Is the thesis adequately developed and argued?
_____ Does each paragraph logically support the thesis?
_____ Does the paper avoid being largely a summary of the article?
_____ Does the paper end with a short but effective conclusion that follows from the points made earlier in the paper?

Paragraph Structure

_____ Is each paragraph unified around a clear topic sentence?
_____ Is each topic sentence developed within its paragraph?
_____ Do the sentences of each paragraph follow a logical and coherent order?

Style of Writing (sentences, word choice, grammar)

Does the paper:
_____ Avoid weak sentence structure (choppy, too complex, run-on, or incomplete sentences)
_____ Avoid vague or unclear sentences
_____ Avoid using unnecessary words and phrases
_____ Avoid excessive use of "there is," "there are," and  "it is"
_____ Use verb tenses consistently
_____ Avoid using this and other pronouns without a clear antecedent
_____ Use passive voice only when appropriate
_____ Maintain agreement between subjects and verbs