SP.237: The Artist in the World

Instructor: Graham Ramsay, Bldg 24-604, xt. 8-0481

Spring 2007: Class #4, March 1, 2007

Ric Haynes , painter/visual artist


Artist Statement - Ric Haynes - Il Bisonte, Florence , Italy . 2006

 In June of 2006 I participated in a month long monotype workshop given by Linda Goodman at Il Bisonte, International School of Graphic Arts in Florence , Italy , a school with a remarkable and revered history in the art world. The school is housed in an old horse stable on the banks of the Arno River and is named after bison images painted on stone in prehistoric caves.

In creating monotypes, images are created on a smooth plate by manipulating ink or paint, and then running the plate through a press to transfer the inked plate onto paper, creating a one of a kind, unique print. The monotype printing technique is risky since one has little control over the end result, erasing one's expectations of what the image will be. It is almost like the Surrealist game of the Exquisite Corpse, except instead of passing the drawing onto someone else to complete, you run the image through a great mechanical apparatus and what comes out belongs to you, the artist, the press, and the magical alteration.

However, the environment at Il Bisonte was conducive to hard work, and under Linda's Goodman's instruction I was given the artistic tools needed and I became easily dedicated to the monotype printing process. As I roamed through the streets, churches, monasteries and museums of Florence I made quick sketches that came to me automatically. Making art automatically dictates another kind of self-realization. In the studio my interest in the mythological and classical worlds collided and ended up onto the printing plates. The process was not exactly like “work” but more an extended form of play. The faster the playing went, the closer I became to a kind of alchemical work that did not exist before.

The time at Il Bisonte and in Florence was well spent. It was an adventure into a new medium, guided by a wise and experienced guide. I became like a fisherman – fishing and hooking images that entered my imagination as I trawled in the Renaissance.


Work Samples

Four sample of Ric Haynes' recent waterbased ink monotype images follow:





"Repent"  - waterbased monotype and chine colle.  2006.


"Green"  - waterbased monotype  2006.


"Sign"   - waterbased monotype.  2006.



"Sacred Objects"  - waterbased monotype and chine colle.  2006.



"By the River "  - oil on canvas, 2006.

The work above is part of a solo exhibition entitled, "My Mother is Holding the Boat." The exhibition runs February 17-March 24, 2007; gallery hours F, S noon-5:00pm, M-Th by appointment. HallSpace Gallery, 31 Norfolk Avenue, Boston; telephone 617-989-9985; info online at www.hallspace.org.



Artist's Resume


The Cheshire Academy , Cheshire , CT 1960-64.

The Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore , MD 1964-68. BFA

The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan , ME 1967.

Lesley College , Cambridge , MA 1992-1994. MA Creative Arts Therapy.

School of the Museum of Fine Arts , Boston .

Vermont College at Union Institute and University, Montpelier , VT 2000-2002.

MFA Visual Art.

Il Bisonte, International School of Graphic Art, Florence , Italy 2006


Bookworks :

1982 – Philadelphia Books 1982 . Moore College of Art. Philadelphia .

1984 – The First Decade: Center for Book Arts . The New York Public Library. New York .

1985 – Artist's Books . Kathryn Markel Gallery. New York .

1985 – Between the Covers: Handmade Artists' Books . Massachusetts College of Art. Boston .

1985 – Book Architecture. The Metropolitan Museum of Art , Thomas J. Watson Library. New York .

1985 – Editions & Additions: International Bookworks . Arizona State University .

Tempe , Arizona .

1986 – The Book Made Art: A Selection of Contemporary Artists' Books . The University of Chicago Library. Chicago .

1986 – Of Books and Beasts : An Exhibition of Artists Books . Nexus Gallery. Philadelphia .

1987 – Scritture: pagine e immagini . Biblioteca Comunale di Milano. Milan , Italy .

1988 – The Arts of the Book. The University of the Arts. Philadelphia .

1999 – Mundus Imaginaria: Books, Bindings and the Cogititate Imagination . Alysia

Druckler Gallery. Portland , Oregon .

2005-06- Too Much Bliss: Twenty Years of Granary Books Smith College Museum of Art. Northampton , Massachusetts

2006 – Let's Enjoy a Laugh: Humor and Whimsy in RAM's Collection. Racine Art Museum , Racine , Wisconsin

Painting and Other Media:

1994 – The Wild West Show: Paintings and Books . Granary Books. New York , New York .

1996 – Visitors; Recent Work . Art Center Gallery, Endicott College . Beverly , MA .

1997 – Recent Work . Creiger-Dane Gallery. Boston , MA

1999 – Goya Metamorphosis: Recent Paintings . Creiger-Dane Gallery. Boston , MA .

2000 – Dream Worlds: Neo-Surrealism in the Millennium . Attleboro Museum . Attleboro , MA .

2001 – Re-Memory: Recent Work by Ric Haynes & Merle Mainelli Poulton . Lenore Gray Gallery . Providence , Rhode Island .

2001 – About Marginality: Recent Work . Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts. York , PA.

2002 – Facing West T.W. Wood Gallery. Vermont College of the Union Institute & University, Montpelier , Vermont .

2003 - Ric Haynes: The Floral Wars Brodo Gallery of Art, Endicott College . Beverly , MA .

2004 - Ric Haynes: Local Mythology . Art Space. Richmond , VA.

2006 – Ric Haynes: Lore The New England School of Art & Design, Suffolk University . Boston , MA .

2006- Mythological Personas:Recent Work by Ric Haynes The Kohn-Joseloff Gallery, The Cheshire Academy , Cheshire , CT 


The Art Institute of Chicago

Dartmouth College

The J. Paul Ghetty Foundation and Museum

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum , New York

The Library of Congress

Museum of Modern Art , New York

The New York Public Library, New York

The Ruth and Marvin Sackler Archive of Book Works and Concrete Poetry

Yale University

University of Iowa

The Victoria and Albert Museum , London

The Racine Art Museum , Racine , Wisconsin .

Private Collections

Joyce Creiger

Lisa Kaufman and Michael Heyison

Carol Kreger and Geoffery Neate

Tuan Tam and Kyoko Nara

Trisha and Dr. Lane van der Rydt

Dr. Luis and Carmencita Lizardi

Terril Becker

Holly and Jaime Riordan

Melissa and Curt Ludlow

Linda Klein 


Lesley College International Creative Arts Therapy Institute. 1995-1996

Endicott College , Beverly , MA . 1998 – 2006

Visiting Artist

State University of New York at Plattsburgh . Nov. 2002


Monotype Guild of New England

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