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Center for Polymer Microfabrication (CPM)

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metrology and process control

Promulgation of metrology standards for microfluidic devices

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We investigate the importance of both small scale errors (at the individual part feature level) and large scale device distortions. One way to address this problem is through fusion of various metrology platform data. We are looking, for example, at the combination of high resolution contact scanning (with oblique lighting), with optical interferometry, and very high-resolution atomic force microscopy, see Figure 1. The use of fiducial marks in the parts is proving vital to this method as the alignment of the various data sources is critical. We have also begun to consider device scale (~cms) characteristic dimensions as important to the detection of process variation.

Figure 1. Data fusion in channel scale measurements e.g. high range and resolution: interferometer + AFM


This approach will also mandate the careful manipulation of the devices during measurements, and to that end a high performance stage, Figure 2, is being designed and fabricated. This device will be capable of rapidly moving the objects while multiple measurements are taken.


Figure 2. Solid model of flexure based piezo actuated high stiffness, high bandwidth stage for measurement and active alignment purposes.

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