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Fall, 1997

Prof: Dr. Christopher Pratt, Director
Office: Career Services, Bayley Hall
Office Hours: By appointment

Class Meetings: Tuesday - 5:45-8:15PM , NA139

Office Phone: 201-761-9355

Office FAX: 201-761-9009

Home Phone/FAX: 201-448-9030

E-Mail: PRATTCHR (Students also to obtain and use E-Mail addresses)


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BMGT 2501 NA - Principles of Management: To effectively prepare for the continuously changing business world we need to practice managing by doing which includes managing self, managing teams, managing organizations, managing change, and managing the future. The central focus is on doing. Our core mission is to grow managers who can do. Emphasis will be placed on developing your managerial skills and five specific competencies: communication, critical thinking, teamwork, information technology and change management.

*****So, we are using new teaching strategies that encourage students to be active partners in the learning process, as self-managed learners. We will be using more student presentations, team exercises, simulations, case studies, computer integration, videos and other means to involve the student. Course activities and teaching methodology will reflect course content and the changing workplace. The quality of your participation and collaboration are crucial to your success in this course, in your career, and in life.

Course Objective: To familiarize you with the knowledge, roles, responsibilities, and skills required of today's managers in a continuously changing world; to teach you to be a better manager, regardless of functional area: accounting, economics, finance, MIS, marketing, etc. During the semester, we will identify and apply three of the four major functions of the modern manager: Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling; Leading will be covered extensively in BMGT2503, Organizational Behavior. We will also focus on Technology, Globalization, Quality, Diversity, and Ethics/Social Responsibility to develop a set of managerial skills (T,G,Q,D,E).

PROJECT TEAMS - will be selected by the students using a matrix model seeking to ensure diversity among team members on a variety of factors including: gender, race, experience, competency (IT), age, major, gpa, career goal, employer, etc. The composition of all Teams must be approved by the instructor. Each student is expected to interact with the course material through the application of computing and information technology; Project Teams are expected to communicate among their members, with other Teams, with the instructor; and with other sources on the Internet, etc.

Required Materials: This is the introductory course in business management. The syllabus identifies weekly reading assignments in the required texts. Students should also be using the Internet, print and CD-ROM resources: The Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, ABI Business Periodicals on Disk, PROQUEST, and Compact Disclosure, etc.

All students are required to read and use A. 1. Ivancevich and 2. Disc Resume Professional; and each student will read one of B. 1 - 5, as determined by their Project Team, each team will read all five. Students are responsible for developing an outline of their book to be shared with the rest of their Team and turned in to the instructor.

A. 1. Ivancevich, Management
     2. DISC RESUME PROFESSIONAL software - available in Career Services ($20.00)

B. 1. Senge, The Fifth Discipline
     2. Kotter, Leading Change
     3. Freiberg, NUTS
     4. Wheatley, Leadership and the New Science
     5. Hammer, Beyond Reengineering

During this course students will:

     A. create and edit, AND WHEN REQUESTED SUBMIT, all correspondence, memos, reports and other documents on Computer using Email, the Internet, WordPerfect 6.1, Lotus 1-2-3, WPPresentation and HTML software or their equivalent, and APA style.

     B. understand the importance of a central focus on quality, strategic planning and the implications of the changing global scene regarding management.

     C. understand the implications of ethics and social responsibility in regards to management in a culturally diverse setting  and the environment.

      D. utilize various resources including the Internet, ABI, Compact Disclosure, PROQUEST to search and print articles for research, in the Library, etc.

Grading: The Management Department faculty have reached consensus on the following grading guidelines for undergraduate courses: A reserved for top 10% to 20%, B or better 40% to 60%, C or lower 40% to 60%.

Grading System:
(2) Two Exams - Individual assignments X 15% each  = 30%  90+ 
B+  87-89 
Project Team Presentation (15%)  80-86 
Written Proposal (10%)  C+  77-79 
and Performance Appraisal (5%)  = 30%  70-76 
D+  67-69 
Other Assignments  = 40%  -59 
*****Project Team Text Chapter Outlines and Presentations (7.5% X 2 = 15%)
Disc Resume Professional Career Planning Exercise (4%),
Project Team Case Report Memo and Brief Presentation (9%),
Class Participation and Career Day (12%)



Your PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL will include two exams, both of which are individual assignments and are not to be done with others, another individual project, class and project team participation, *****text book chapter outlines and presentations, minor presentation and memo report, major presentation and written proposal. The quality of responses to questions raised in class will be factored into grades reflecting class preparation and participation. Attendance will be taken and will be reflected in your Class Participation Grade. Teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, contribution, mutual support, encouragement and creativity are important illustrations of your success and as a self-managed learner. An extra credit assignment may be available to the entire class.

In order to facilitate your effective performance and success in developing the competencies needed as a manager through this course, each student and Project Team is required to make at least one appointment during the first half of the semester, before the mid-term exam, to meet with the instructor to discuss your progress in the course. These meetings have correlated, in the past, with student and Project Team success in this course. Please contact the instructor to make an appointment at a mutually convenient time.

COMPETENCIES - As stated earlier, our core mission is to grow managers who can do. Therefore, emphasis will be placed on developing your managerial skills and five specific competencies: communication, critical thinking, teamwork, information technology and change management. As Juniors and Seniors a high level of development of each of these competencies is expected, and this course is designed to aid you in your continuing development of the competencies at this level. Each of these competencies will be developed in this course through a combination of assignments. Each assignment will require commitment and investment as a self-managed learner to increase your development of each competency. Assessment of the development of these competencies is the measured by the successful completion.

Communication - Project Team, Disc Resume Career Planning Exercise, Case Report Memo, Chapter Presentation, Team Presentations, Team Paper/Team Website, Team Performance Appraisal, and Class Participation

Critical Thinking - Project Team, Disc Resume Career Planning Exercise, Case Report Memo, Chapter Presentation, Team Presentations, Team Paper/Team Website, Team Performance Appraisal, Exams, and Class Participation

Teamwork - Project Team, Case Report Memo, Chapter Presentation, Team Presentations, Team Paper/Team Website, Team Performance Appraisal, and Class Participation

Information Technology - Project Team, Disc Resume Career Planning Exercise, Case Report Memo, Chapter Presetation, Team Presentations, Team Paper/Team Website, Team Performance Appraisal, Exams, and Class Participation

Change Management - Project Team, Disc Resume Career Planning Exercise, Case Report Memo, Chapter Presetation, Team Presentations, Team Paper/Team Website, Team Performance Appraisal, Career Day, and Class Participation

THE CHECK MARK- - is a tool used by the instructor to note that an assignment or a key portion of one was completed satisfactorily. THE CHECK serves as an acknowledgement that the terms of the assignment were fulfilled by the material marked by THE CHECK. For purposes of course grades THE CHECK is counted as an assignment done satisfactorily.

Anticipated Course Schedule - :

Week #1 (8/26)

Course Introduction, Syllabus Review and Team Building
The Management Challenge - Chapter 1
Week #2 (9/2)
*****The Evolution of Management - Chapter 2 - PROJECT TEAMS 1 & 2 - see details below
A Major Malfunction, The Story of the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster, Part I
Week #3 (9/9)
TEAM BUILDING, The Planning Environment, Strategic Planning
*****The Global Management Environment, Chapter 4 - PROJECT TEAM 3

5 Articles (T,G,D,Q,E) Due from each Project Team - see details below

Week #4 (9/16) Week #5 (9/23)
DISC RESUME PROFESSIONAL Career Planning Exercise Due (4%) - see details below
*****Planning - Chapter 6 - PROJECT TEAM 5
Week #6 (9/30) Week #7 (10/7) Week #8 (10/14) - FALL BREAK - NO CLASSES

Week #9 (10/21)

EXAM an Individual assignment on E-Mail - (15%) Chapters 1 - 7
Sexual Harassment
*****Job Analysis, Design and Redesign - Chapter 9 - PROJECT TEAM 2
Week #10 (10/28) Week #11 (11/4)
*****Managing Organizational Change - Chapter 18 - PROJECT TEAM 4
Week #12 (11/11)
*****Entrepreneurship and Growth - Chapter 19 - PROJECT TEAM 5
Week #13 (11/18)
Situational Leadership
*****Technology and Innovation - Chapter 20 - PROJECT TEAM 6

Early Written Proposal Due Date

Week #14 (11/25)

           Project Team Project final preparation

Week #15 (12/2)

           Background Paper Final Due with Presentation (10%)
           Project Team Presentations (15%) 1,2,3,4

Week #16 (12/9)

Project Team Presentations (15%) 5, 6, 7

Extra Credit Assignment Due

Week #17 (12/16)

           Performance Appraisals (5%) 1x7, 2x6, 3x5, 4x3, 5x4, 6x1, 7x2
           Course Evaluations
            Final Exam - an Individual assignment on E-Mail (15%) Chapters 8, 9, 15, 18, 19, 20, et. al.,
            Performance Appraisal, Situational Leadership, etc.

*****Project Team Text Chapter Outlines and Presentations - Due Weekly (15%)

This assignment directly addresses the intention to use new teaching strategies that encourage students to be active partners in the learning process, as self-managed learners. Each Project Team will develop outlines and in-class presentations for the assigned text chapters as listed on pages 3-4 and below. The outlines and presentations will be delivered on assigned dates. In order to successfully complete this assignment students in each Project Team will need to read the assigned chapters and collaborate to prepare chapter outlines and to present the chapters in class to the rest of the class. The presentation should take approximately 20 minutes, should be accompanied by copies of the outline, prepared on WP, for each student in the class (30), and should allow for questions from the other students and the instructor. Outlines and presentations should also include a reflection on how the chapter relates to B. 1 - 5 readings.
9/2 - Teams 1 & 2 - Ch.2 
      10/7 - Team 1 - Ch.8 
9/9 - Team 3 - Ch.4
      10/21 - Team 2 - Ch.9 
9/16 - Team 4- Ch.5 
      10/28 - Team 3 - Ch.15
9/23 - Team 5 - Ch.6 
      11/4 - Team 4 - Ch.18 
9/30 - Team 6 & 7 - Ch.7 
      11/11 - Team 5 - Ch.19 

      11/18 - Team 6 & 7 - Ch. 20

DISC RESUME PROFESSIONAL Career Planning Exercise - Due Week 5 (4%)

Using DISC RESUME PROFESSIONAL prepare the career planning exercise for yourself including the following documents.

1. Two copies of your resume prepared on DISC RESUME PROFESSIONAL available through Career Services.

2. Three job advertisements, in which you are interested.

3. Two signed copies of a cover letter to one of the respective employers listed in the job advertisements. In this letter, ask the employer's assistance in reviewing the your resume. Note you are not asking the employer for a job. Rather, you are seeking the employer's insights about your resume. Specifically, you would like to know what it would take for the employer to consider you a competitive applicant for a position within the prospective  company.

4. Two stamped #10 business envelopes (unless a FAX# or Internet address is indicated):

1) to assist the employer in responding to you enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope, addressed to you,
2) a stamped envelope addressed to the employer.
The instructor will mail one copy of your letter, resume and return envelope to the respective employers and the second copy will be critiqued and returned to you. You will be evaluated on the clarity, grammar, style and attention to the administrative details of your resume and cover letter.

Project Team Case Report Memo and Brief Presentation - Due Week 7 (4%)

A Major Malfunction... The Story Behind the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster - is a video that provides a basis for viewing management in real working situations. Your Team's assignment is to view the video together, discuss what you have seen and answer the questions listed below. Each Team should prepare and give a brief (10 minutes) in class presentation of a Team Case Report Memo written in business memo form prepared on WP and representing the collective work of your group and signed by each member of the group who contributed to the report. A variety of very useful websites exist for this assignment, the following are some, and you may find more.

1. Briefly, what is the basic problem(s), why is it important?

2. Who are the important people involved, what are their positions and why are they important?

3. What management styles are illustrated?

4. What is your proposed solution?

5. How will you evaluate your results to know if your solution is working?

6. What are the ethical implications of this problem, and of your proposed solution?

7. What are the global implications?

8. How could computing and information technology be used to help avoid problems like this?

Project Team - Strategic Plan for Organizational Change - Due Week 14 (30%)

This is a simulation project that will allow you to learn management by doing: experimenting with planning, organizing, leading and controlling - managing self, managing teams, managing organizations and managing the future first hand. You will prepare outside of class for an in-class presentation. The task is to build a new plan for strategic organizational change to insure the survival of your competitive advantage including the connections among Technology, Globalization, Quality, Managing Diversity, and Ethics/Social Responsibility in a changing world.

Each team should choose from among the following organizations (or a division or subsidiary - students may not pick an organization for which a team member works): AT&T, Intel, Nike, Eastman Kodak, 3M, Lucent Technologies, Liz Claiborne, Rubbermaid, Federal Express, Hallmark, Johnson & Johnson, The Prudential, Arthur Anderson, Merck, Schering-Plough, Aetna, Exxon, Dana or Ryder Systems. You serve as a top management team to study the characteristics and environment of the organization you choose as the basis for developing your new plan for strategic organizational change.

Based on your choice of organization, you will want to identify the mission, management style, organizational chart, numbers of people, financial data, current status, etc. Conduct a SWOTs analysis. What are the changing environmental factors that impact on your organization and how you plan to change the organization and why. What will you need to do differently to insure survival of your competitive advantage in the market?

The Strategic Plan presented by each Project Team should clearly illustrate:

  1. 1. briefly, the current situation of your organization (1%)
  2. 2. the changing environmental forces, (SWOTs) internal and external influences (4%)
  3. 3. your best plan for the future responding proactively to the changes (10%) including:
  4. a. the connections among 1) Technology, 2) Globalization, 3) Quality, 4) Managing Diversity, and 5) Ethics and Social Responsibility (T,G,Q,D,E).
    b. workable supporting financial information to show how you will pay for your plan.
    c. and a means to evaluate your potential results.

Please utilize and demonstrate a knowledge of the organization you select and the assigned course texts, readings and software (WP, LOTUS, WPP) in your presentations. This is NOT about what the organization is doing now. The objective is to come up with a plan that is creative and responsive to the needs of the organization and the employees as your management team thinks best, a plan that could work. What is your vision of the unknown and what will it take to move the organization to risk going there together?

Each Project Team should organize themselves to learn from each other. Divide the labor. You will need to assign responsibilities including the assigned books and the 1 related article per student (T,G,Q,D,E). You will need to meet regularly at least once a week before or after class or at another mutually convenient time. You are expected to work together and each student should contribute to the development and delivery of the presentation, written proposal and performance appraisal. Evaluation will include the continuity of the team work and how much each person adds or detracts from the overall presentation.

PRESENTATION - Due Week 14 (15%) Each Project Team will make a presentation in class (25 minutes), on an assigned date, to the rest of the class who will represent two groups: the company's Board of Directors and employees. Your strategic plan should, therefore, satisfy the Board of Directors cost concerns and other company issues, while also satisfying employees to retain their jobs in a growing organization.

WRITTEN PROPOSAL Due Week 14 (10%)

Each Project Team presentation should be accompanied by a written proposal illustrating the use of the assigned books and articles to respond to the impact of the changing business environment. Each Team should turn in a copy of their Proposal to the Professor and to the Team appraising their performance. All Teams are responsible for using each book.

In addition to the books, also include articles from other sources. To help you on your way, turn in 1 article per student with a 1/2 page summary of each attached (T,G,Q,D,E).

The written proposal is not a script. It should be well written 8-10 pages maximum, double spaced with properly cited references and a bibliography. The length is important to facilitate your making tough choices about what to include. Use a logical, easy to read format with clear transitions. Citations must be provided for all references to work which is not either your original thought or common knowledge. Please use appropriate headings and sub-headings to aid in the organization of the paper, and the readers understanding. Do not use fancy covers or binders and avoid blank sheets of paper.

Papers may be turned in at least one week early in draft form for ungraded review, in order to allow corrections on your disks and to improve your graded final version. Students who chose this option should turn in both copies, the first draft and the final draft together for their grade.


For those Project Teams who want to utilize the option, an alternative to the traditional paper and presentation can be developed as a Homepage. Two samples of previous Project Teams Homepages are available for review through this course Homepage, Disney 2000 and Ben & Jerry's. Instead of the paper and presentation, the Project Teams would prepare the Homepage and on the assigned date demonstrate the page in class. All other aspects of the assignment remain the same. Project Teams interested in this alternative should discuss the details with the instructor as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to facilitate the student's work on this alternative. Project Teams who successfully utilize the Homepage option will receive the Extra Credit PLUS added to your final grade as offered through the Optional Extra Credit Assignment available to all students.


Each Project Team will also deliver a written (2.5%) and verbal (2.5%) performance appraisal of another group's presentations. The written appraisals will be done in memo form and should be both specific and constructive - what was done well AND how could the Team and its members improve in the future.

The Project Team is important. It is crucial to your success in this course. Participation, creativity, teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, contribution, mutual support and encouragement are musts - get involved, study and practice important new skills and aspects of management and have some fun along the way.

Optional Extra Credit Assignment - Due by Week 16

Students wishing to earn extra credit may complete the following assignment and turn it in no later than the last class meeting prior to the final exam. Successful completion of this assignment will be worth a PLUS added to your final grade.

Throughout life in our various roles the decisions we make and the choices we select are often based on our interests and values which are influenced, even shaped, by the prominent events and people influencing the interests and values of our generation. To a large degree these influences are internalized during the years when we grow from 10 to 20. Understanding ourselves and others in terms of this dynamic can be helpful to us in learning how to manage self, teams, organizations and the future. Therefore, please:

  1. 1. note some of the major events and people that influenced you during the years when you grew from 10 to 20.
  2. 2. project as best you can, how these events and people will effect the interests and values of your generation and include some of your feelings and those you see for people your age.
  3. 3. relate this information to your expectations regarding how your generation might approach the topics discussed in class as relating to the issues you will face and decisions you may have to make.
Year-end, Year-in-Review, and Decade-in-Review editions of Time, Newsweek, U.S.News, Life, Ebony, Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, People, the Internet and various newspapers, trade journals, even music, TV, films and theatre, etc. can be helpful. Be concise, keep it to 2-3 pages prepared on WP.

BMGT 2501 Project Team Presentation Performance Appraisal

Presenting Team#              Organization:                                    Date:               Appraising Team#                  

RATINGS: A=Outstanding, B=Well Satisfied, C=Satisfied, D=Minimally Satisfied, F=Not Satisfied

I. New plan for strategic organizational change to insure the survival of a competitive advantage for an organization you manage in a changing world:

A. briefly, the current situation (1%)
1. what does it do, make, sell now
a. mgt. team/organizational chart
b. financial situation - Lotus 1-2-3
B. changing environmental forces - SWOTs analysis (4%)
1. internal
a. Strengths
b. Weaknesses
2. external
a. Opportunities
b. Threats
C. best plan (future) for responding proactively to the changes (10%)
1. what will you do, differently, how, why and mgt. team/organizational chart

a. connections among:

1. Technology
2. Globalization
3. Quality
4. Diversity
5. Ethics/Social Responsibility
b. financial situation - Lotus 1-2-3

c. means to evaluate your results

II. Demonstrate knowledge of text and readings:
1. Ivancevich, Management
1. Senge, The Fifth Discipline
2. Kotter, Leading Change
3. Freiberg, NUTS
4. Wheatley, Leadership and the New Science
5. Hammer, Beyond Reengineering
* Articles (T,G,Q,D,E)
III. Participation/Contribution/Interaction/Materials:
1. by each team member
2. among team members
3. with appraising team (copies)
4. Handouts/Charts/Posters/Transparencies
5. WP, Lotus 1-2-3, WPPresentation, Internet, HTML, etc
IV. Overall - thorough, interesting and insightful:

(sjm-1/97, cp-8/97)