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CPS Photo Library Guidelines

Communication Production Services

CPS Photo Library
The CPS Photo Library, hosted on Flickr, provides photos and videos for use in MIT print projects, web communications and social media. These images are available exclusively to the MIT community at no cost. Please comply with our guidelines for using the photos as outlined on these pages.

Usage rights
The rights to these photos and videos have been purchased for excusive MIT use in print and web projects related to MIT programs. While they may be used to promote MIT to an outside audience, they may not be used by non-MIT organizations such as commercial publishing firms, even if they appear in works by an MIT author. For such use, a separate agreement must be negotiated. Please read more about usage rights on our Best practices in usage and permissions page.

Download CPS photos
To protect the usage of these photos, downloading has been disabled until you create a Flickr account and CPS confirms your MIT affiliation. Please visit our page on setting up your department’s Flickr account for guidelines.

Download CPS videos
Video clips can be downloaded from the CPS Photo Library video album for MIT users with valid certificates by clicking on the link given in each video clip’s description.

Sets and tags
The CPS Photo Library contains over 1,000 photographs divided into albums, each grouped by general image type. Flickr allows you to search on tags, or any word or phrase associated with any photo.

Once you have created your department's Flickr account, you may find images on other Flickr accounts that are of interest to you. These may be images owned by other MIT users or outside MIT. You can add links to these images by creating your own galleries that become a set of your own favorite images owned by other users. Note that you need to request permission from those owners to use or download any of their images.

For more information on the CPS Photo Library, please contact Visit for in-depth tutorials on Flickr.