CUPUM 2015: Urban Planning and Decision Support (PSS) papers and abstracts

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W1C - PSS and the Smart City (Moderator: Richard Klosterman)

Session-13 (W1C): Sentient PSS for Smart Cities
# Brian Deal, Varkki Pallathucheril, Yong Wook Kim and Haozhi Pan

Session-13 (W1C): Smart Cities – Field of application for Planning Support Systems in the 21st Century?
* Jan-Philipp Exner

Session-13 (W1C): From situation awareness to smart city planning and decision making
* Susa Eräranta and Aija Staffans

Session-13 (W1C): The development of smart cities in China
* Yongling Li, Yanliu Lin and Stan Geertman

W2C - Practice and Participation in PSS (1) (Moderator: Richard Klosterman)

Session-14 (W2C): Usability of Planning Support Systems: an evaluation framework
# Patrizia Russo, Maria Francesca Costabile, Rosa Lanzilotti and Chris Pettit

Session-14 (W2C): The Influence of Planning Support Systems on Planning Practice
% Peter Pelzer

Session-14 (W2C): From public participation GIS to participative planning support system – Exploring the Helsinki 2050 master planning process
% Maarit Kahila-Tani

Session-14 (W2C): To make LUTI models operational tools for planning.
* Mathieu Saujot, Matthieu de Lapparent, Elise Arnaud, Emmanuel Prados

W3C - Practice and Participation in PSS (2) (Moderator: Richard Klosterman)

Session-15 (W3C): Managing Crowds: The Possibilities and Limitations of Crowd Information During Urban Mass Events
# Lara-Britt Zomer, Winnie Daamen, Sebastiaan Meijer and Serge Paul Hoogendoorn

Session-15 (W3C): THE EVERYONE CITY: How ICT-based public participation shapes urban form
# Sara Levy, Karel Martens and Rob van der Heijden

Session-15 (W3C): “Re-using Dublin”: A crowd sourced web mapping application to support the reuse of underutilized spaces in Dublin.
% Aoife Corcoran and Zorica Nedovic-Budic

* Karl Kim, Pradip Pant and Eric Yamashita

W3B - PSS and Big Data (Moderator: Anthony Yeh)

Session-16 (W3B): Moving beyond Operations: Leveraging Big Data for Urban Planning Decisions
* Steve French, Camille Barchers and Wenwen Zhang

Session-16 (W3B): How fare simulation tools in urban public transport can benefit from smart card data analysis?
^ Catherine Bouteiller & Bruno Faivre d’Arcier

Session-16 (W3B): What are Essential requirements in Planning for Future Cities using Open Data Infrastructures and 3D Data Models?
* Soheil Sabri, Christopher J Pettit, Mohsen Kalantari, Abbas Rajabifard, Marcus White, Oliver Lade and Tuan Ngo

Session-16 (W3B): A new method of estimating locality of industry cluster regions using large-scale business transaction data
* Yuki Akeyama, Yuki Akiyama and Ryosuke Shibasaki

T1C - PSS for Urban Services (Moderator: Stan Geertman)

Session-17 (T1C): PSS in informal urban settlements: results of five years of implementation in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
* Gerson José de Mattos Freire, Fernanda Borges de Moraes, Lucas Saliba Santos, Sheyla Aguilar Santana, Andrea Scalon Afonso, Vera Lúcia Voll and Marcílio Felício Pereira

Session-17 (T1C): The strategically located land index support system for human settlements land reform in South Africa
* Walter Musakwa, Rebone. M Tshesane, Lerato Raesetsa Segooa, Eric N Makoni and Matheri Kangethe

Session-17 (T1C): Informing Planning to Address Healthcare Disparities: Assessing Spatial Accessibility to Health Care Using GIS Analysis
* Ilir Bejleri, Ruth Steiner, Donna Neff, Jeffrey Harman, Barbara Lutz, Sulhee Yoon and Michael Bumbach

Session-17 (T1C): Mapping the Waste Handling Dynamics in Mombasa Using Mobile Phone GPS
* David Lee, Kevin Kung and Carlo Ratti

T2C - PSS for Natural Disasters (Moderator: Karl Kim)

Session-18 (T2C): Interdisciplinary assessment of rodent-borne diseases and epidemic outbreak risks in the urban scale with the use of geographic information systems
* Magdalena Baranowska, Pratigya Balaji, Vijay Santhanam, Rolf Schütt

Session-18 (T2C): Evaluating the Damage of Great Earthquakes in Aggregate Units Based on Detailed Population Distribution for Each Time Frame
* Yoshiki Ogawa, Yuki Akiyama, Hiroshi Kanasugi, Hiroaki Sengoku and Ryosuke Shibasaki

Session-18 (T2C): Modeling urban growth and hazard scenarios in Montego Bay, Jamaica
% Barry Fradkin and Juan Carlos Vargas Moreno

Session-18 (T2C): Sharing geographic information and technologies for policy integration of spatial planning and flood risk management
% Jing Ran and Zorica Nedovic-Budic

T3C - PSS for Climate and Environment (Moderator: Stan Geertman)

Session-19 (T3C): Conditions for Planning Support Systems – the case of the Dutch Delta Approach in Bangladesh
* Hanne van den Berg, Peter Pelzer and Kymo Slager

Session-19 (T3C): Hierarchical Climate Zone as a tool for spatial planning – Case study of Wuhan, China
* Jiong Wang, Qingming Zhan and Yinghui Xiao

% Adinarayanane Ramamurthy, Monsingh D. Devadas and Virupoxi Bagodi

Session-19 (T3C): (Geo)Design with Data (and Nature too)
* Ming-Chun Lee

T4C - PSS and Urban Form (1) (Moderator: Paola Rizzi)

Session-20 (T4C): An Evaluation and Design Support System for Urban Walkability
* Ivan Blečić, Arnaldo Cecchini, Francesco Fancello, Giovanna Fancello and Giuseppe A. Trunfio

Session-20 (T4C): The Feasibility of adopting Planning Support Systems in the Land-use Planning in the Egyptian Cities
* Niveen Ghattas

Session-20 (T4C): A simulation-based planning support system for creating walkable neighbourhoods
* Claire Boulange, Christopher Pettit, Gustavo Arciniegas, Hannah Badland and Billie Giles-Corti

Session-20 (T4C): Built Environment versus Personal Traits: an Application of Integrated Choice and Latent Variable Model (ICLV) in Understanding Modal Choice in Rome, Italy
* Samira Ramezani, Barbara Pizzo and Elizabeth Deakin

T5C - PSS and Urban Form (2) (Moderator: Paola Rizzi)

Session-21 (T5C): Is Sky the Limit for Compact Urbanism?
% Chang-Jen Lan

Session-21 (T5C): The Effects of Urban Redevelopment on Housing Prices in Shenzhen
* Ying Liu, Pu Hao, Frank van Oort, Stan Geertman and Yanliu Lin

Session-21 (T5C): Informing Planning Decisions through GIS Documentation of San Antonio’s Historic Colonial Landscape
* Azza Kamal, Angela Lombardi, Shelley Roff and Betzaida Pollet

Session-21 (T5C): Suitability analysis of heritage corridor based on GIS and Remote Sensing — Case study of region along the Zhangzhou ancient post road
* Huagui Guo and Qingming Zhan

Session-21 (T5C): The spatial characteristics of residential mobility in the information era: a perspective of information channel in Nanjing city, China
* Qin Xiao and Zhen Feng

T3B - PSS and Transport (Moderator: A. Nélson Rodrigues da Silva)

Session-22 (T3B): Urban Metrics for Urban Logistics: Building an Atlas for Urban Freight Policy Makers
* Daniel E. Merchán, Edgar E. Blanco and Alexis H. Bateman

Session-22 (T3B): The Negative Externalities of the Transportation System in Megacities influenced by the Industrial and Commercial Establishments and the Urban Freights flows
* Diego B. Tomasiello, Cláudia A. Soares Machado, Mariana A. Giannotti, Renato O. Arbex and José Alberto Quintanilha

Session-22 (T3B): A taxipooling system with equity consideration
* Xiaosu Ma, Jinming Ding, Wei Wang, Xuepeng Hua and Yujia Peng

Session-22 (T3B): Reshaping Transport Planning through Dynamic Illustration, Solid Evidence and Careful Conversations
% Michael Shiffer

T4B - Use of Micro-data in PSS (Moderator: Richard Klosterman)

Session-23 (T4B): Data and Analytics for Neighborhood Development: Smart Shrinkage Decision Modeling in Baltimore, Maryland
# Michael Johnson, Justin Hollander and Eliza Davenport Whiteman

Session-23 (T4B): Agent-based Estimation of Household Micro-Data with Detailed Attributes for a Real City
* Nao Sugiki, Tomoya Muranaka, Noriko Otani and Kazuaki Miyamoto

Session-23 (T4B): Micro Factors Causing Fall in Land Price in Mixture Area of Residence and Commerce
* Kojiro Murakami, Akio Kondo and Kojiro Watanabe

Session-23 (T4B): Tailor-made Selection of Policy Measures for Households based on the Detailed Attributes by Segmentation Approach with Decision Tree Analysis
* Noriko Otani, Yusuke Fukuoka, Nao Sugiki and Kazuaki Miyamoto

F1C - Implementing PSS in Government (Moderator: Robert Goodspeed)

Session-24 (F1C): Smart Governance, Collaborative Planning and Planning Support Systems: a fruitful triangle?
# Yanliu Lin and Stan Geertman

Session-24 (F1C): Smart Cities: Concepts, Perceptions and Lessons for Planners
# Tuan Yee Ching and Joseph Ferreira

Session-24 (F1C): Adaptive Planning - Needs and strategies for indicator based adaptive planning
* Willi Wendt

Session-24 (F1C): The Australian Urban Intelligence Network - supporting Smart Cities
# Chris Pettit, John Barton, Xavier Goldie, Richard Sinnott, Robert Stimson and Tom Kvan

Session-24 (F1C): The Process for Adopting Technology in Ontario Municipalities and the Implications for Innovation in Development
* Mary Rowntree Watt Bachem Riemer and Clarence Woudsma