A medium-skinned Asian woman with a pixie cut wearing a gray shirt and round eyeglasses with black frames. Trees and other greenery are behind her.

Crystal Lee

I am a PhD student in the Science, Technology, and Society program at MIT, where I am advised by Graham Jones. I am also a member of the Visualization Group at CSAIL. My research is at the intersection of disability studies, information visualization, and human-computer interaction. I also think a lot about sensory perception and critical cartography. In January 2018, I was a visiting research scientist at the European Commission. Before coming to MIT, I received a BA and MA from Stanford, where I wrote my thesis on visualizing history and early modern timelines.

Say hello at crystall@mit.edu or @crystaljjlee. Here is a current (ish) CV and the accessible pdf.

Recent writing

Events this year

    Fall 2019: I'm a Digital Teaching Fellow at Harvard this semester, where I'm developing a DH curriculum to teach spatial history. You can find all of the tutorials, videos, and course materials I've written here.

    September/October 2019: Alan and I are giving a talk at Harvard's Berkman Klein Center about accessibility, and then we'll present our paper at IEEE VIsualization in Vancouver, Canada.

    January 2020: Nathan Kapoor and I are looking for paper proposals for the Columbia History of Science Group Annual Meeting held in March!

    April 2020: I'm giving a talk at Stanford about Braille, computers, and tactile information technologies as part of a stellar conference titled Before and Beyond Typography: Text in Global and Multimodal Perspective.

[last updated August 2019]