A medium-skinned woman with a pixie cut wearing a gray mock turtleneck shirt and round eyeglasses with a black frame. She is smiling with her teeth. Trees and other greenery are behind her.

Crystal Lee / 李佳佳

I am a PhD student in the Science, Technology, and Society program at MIT, where I am also affiliated with the Visualization Group at CSAIL. My research focuses on critical cartography and information visualization, and I think a lot about sensory perception. In January 2018, I was a visiting research scientist at the European Commission. Before coming to MIT, I received a BA and MA from Stanford.

You can find me on Twitter @crystaljjlee, read my sporadic thoughts, or send me email at crystall@mit.edu.

some recent talks

  • November 2018: "Modeling Flavor," History of Science Society Annual Meeting (Seattle, WA). This was part of a panel titled "Technologies of Taste" I co-organized with Hannah Leblanc, featuring a truly incredible cast of women: Ann-Sophie Barwich, Christy Spackman, Deborah Fitzgerald, and Victoria Lee. Definitely check out some of their work!
  • November 2017: "Visualizing Historical Knowledge," History of Science Society Annual Meeting (Toronto, Canada). I gave a short summary of my dissertation project.
  • (You can see a longer list of talks I've given here.)

other news

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