The data visualizations behind coronavirus skepticism

Jonathan Zong and I ran an undergraduate research lab funded by the MIT Experiential Learning Opportunities program, where we worked with seven research assistants on a COVID-related data visualization project. These incredible collaborators are Anna Arpaci-Dusseau, Kat Huang, Anna Meurer, Soomin Chun, Mateo Monterde, Tanya Yang, and Ethan Nevidomsky.

Let's Go, Baby Forklift! + Viral Visualizations

I mentored 4 undergraduate students split between anthropology and computer science on projects related to Chinese cybernationalism (Vesper Long), COVID visualizations (Tanya Yang and Gaby Inchoco), and the history of braille (Zhirui Xiong).


I have experience developing digital humanities curricula for historians and archaeologists. At Harvard, I helped students produce a set of interactive maps that they hosted on their own website; these tutorials are roughly generalizable to any course in the humanities that tracks the movement of people, objects, or ideas. At Stanford, I wrote course and lecture outlines for topics like photogrammetry, 3D modeling, GIS, and more.


Here are some guides to doing research I wrote specifically for MIT students, which I used to guide discussions about the role of science and technology in history.