I/S Computing Support Services (CSS)

Director, Daniel M. Weir -- x3-0910

CSS provides comprehensive services and products to computer users throughout MIT, with a focus on microcomputers and workstations. Through training, consulting, publications, software and hardware sales and services, and reviews of software licenses, CSS helps its clients become more self-sufficient in their use of computers.

Computer Services administers hardware maintenance contracts and software libraries for MIT's DEC and Sun users. Consulting is provided on DEC and Sun software. Selected scientific, engineering, and non-technical software is available for purchase by faculty, staff, and students at significant discounts. PC Service provides authorized installation, maintenance, and repair services for Apple, IBM, and NeXT systems, and Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4 printers.

Consulting helps Microcomputer and Athena users with troubleshooting, technical support, and user account services. Assistance is available by phone, electronic mail, on line, or in person. Consultants collaborate with other technical support groups and help lines to coordinate services for the broad range of computing situations found at MIT. Staff assist and participate in many user and local-expert groups on campus. Through Consulting's Access Technology for Information and Computing (ATIC), IS responds to the computer-related needs of people at MIT who have disabilities.

MIT Computer Connection

MIT students, faculty, and staff are eligible to purchase computer products from the MIT Computer Connection (MCC). Many of the MCC's products carry an educational discount. The current line includes Apple Macintosh, DEC, Dell, IBM, and Sun systems. Software, supplies, and peripherals for these systems, from a variety of vendors, are also available at the MCC. The quarterly MCC Bulletin presents news and announcements of new products, special offers, and events.

Training Services provides hands-on classes, noontime seminars, Quick Start classes, and Athena minicourses held throughout the year. Details on offerings are given in the quarterly IS Computer Training Catalog and the Athena Minicourse Schedule.

Publications provides I/S documentation including quick guides, memos, reprints, and the i/s newsletter, cover hardware, software, and services specific to MIT computing needs.

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