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Recent papers I've written

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Partisanship and Voter Confidence, 2000-2012 (with Michael Sances)

The Value of Committee Assignments in Congress since 1994

Partisanship and Voter Confidence, 2000-2010 (with Michael Sances)

Voting Technology, Vote-by-Mail, and Residual Votes in California, 1990-2010 (with R. Michael Alvarez and Dustin Beckett)

What Hath HAVA Wrought? Consequences, Intended and Not, of the Post-Bush v. Gore Reforms

The Effect of the Seventeenth Amendment on the Party Composition of the Senate: A Counterfactual Analysis (with Wendy Schiller)

Race, Region, and Vote Choice in the 2008 Election: Implications for the Future of the Voting Rights Act (with Nathaniel Persily and Stephen Ansolabehere)

Election Technology and the Voting Experience in 2008

Committee Hierarchy and Assignments in the U.S. Congress: Testing Theories of Legislative Organization, 1789-1946 (with David T. Canon, revised March 2009)

Observations on the Close Minnesota Senate Election updated 11/10/08

The Effect of Party Loyalty on the Election of U.S. Senators (with Wendy Schiller)

Evaluating the Performance of Election Administration Across the States: Lessons from the 2007 Gubernatorial Elections and the 2008 Super Tuesday Primar (with Adam Berinsky, Gabriel Lenz, R. Michael Alvarez, Stephen Ansolabehere, and Thad Hall)

Measuring the Improvement (or Lack of Improvement) in Voting since 2000 in the U.S.

The Gag Rule, Congressional Politics, and the Growth of Anti-Slavery Popular Politics (with Jeff Jenkins)

Speakership Elections and Control of the U.S. House: 1839-1859

The Development of the Senate Committee System, 1789--1879 (with David Canon)  

Committee Assignments as Sidepayments: the Interplay of Leadership and Committee Development in the Era of Good Feeling (with Jeffery A. Jenkins) 

Ain't Misbehavin: Or, Reflections on Two Centuries of Congressional Corruption (very large pdf file)

A Theory of Supreme Court Nominations (with Peter Lemieux) slightly smaller zip file

Senate Confirmation of Supreme Court Nominations from Washington to Reagan (with Peter Lemieux) slightly smaller zip file

Congressional Politics' Greatest Hits: The 1990s