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Instability on Employment and New Work Practices People

Co-principal investigators:

Joel Cutcher-GershenfeldJoel Cutcher-Gershenfeld is Executive Director of MIT’s Engineering Systems Learning Center and he is a Senior Research Scientist in MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He is Co-Director of the Labor Aerospace Research Agenda. Joel is co-author of Lean Enterprise Value (Palgrave, 2003), Knowledge-Driven Work (Oxford University Press, 1998), Strategic Negotiations (Harvard Business School Press, 1994) and has co-authored or co-edited many books, as well as more than sixty articles on large-scale systems change, new work systems, labor-management relations, negotiations, conflict resolution, organizational learning, public policy, and economic development. Lean Enterprise Value was awarded the International Academy of Astronautics Engineering Sciences book award. Joel holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Relations from MIT and a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University.

Lean Enterprise Value: Insights from MIT’s Lean Aerospace Initiative, Earll Murman, Tom Allen, Kirkor Bozdogan, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Hugh McManus, Debbie Nightingale, Eric Rebentisch, Tom Shields, Fred Stahl, Myles Walton, Joyce Warmkessel, Stanley Weiss, and Sheila Widnall. New York: Palgrave/Macmillan (2003).

Knowledge-Driven Work: Unexpected Lessons from Japanese and United States Work Practices, Work Practices Diffusion Team (Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Michio Nitta, Betty Barrett, Nejib Belhedi, Simon Chow, Takashi Inaba, Iwao Ishino, Wen-Jeng Lin, Michael Moore, William Mothersell, Jennifer Palthe, Shobha Ramanand, Mark Strolle, and Arthur Wheaton; with Cheryl Coutchie, Seepa Lee, and Stacia Rabine). New York: Oxford University Press (1998) -- Reprinted in Spanish (OUP, 2000).

Strategic Negotiations: A Theory of Change in Labor-Management Relations, Walton, Richard, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, and Robert McKersie. Boston: Harvard Business School Press (1994) -- Reissued in paperback with a new forward on negotiated change by Cornell Press (2000).

Joint Training Programs: Union-Management Approach to Preparing Workers for the Future, Ferman, Louis, Michele Hoyman, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, and Ernest Savoie. Ithaca: Cornell ILR Press (1991). Phone: 617.253.5777

Thomas KochanThomas A. Kochan is a Professor of Work and Employment Relations at MIT's Sloan School of Management and is Co-Director of LARA. He has done research on a variety of topics related to industrial relations and human resource management in the public and private sector. His book, Working in America: A Blueprint for the New Labor Market, with Paul Osterman, Richard M. Locke, and Michael J. Piore, (MIT Press, 2001) looks at the American labor market’s many deep-rooted problems, including persistence of a large low-wage sector, worsening inequality in earnings, and employees' lack of voice in the workplace.

Restoring the American Dream: A Working Families' Agenda for America. 2005.

Negotiations and Change: From the Workplace to Society with David B. Lipsky (Eds.) 2003.

After Lean Production:Evolving Employment Practices in the World Auto Industry. With Russel D. Lansbury and John Paul MacDuffie (Eds.). Ithaca: ILR Press (1997).

Employment Relations in a Changing World Economy, edited with Richard Locke and Michael Piore. Cambridge: The MIT Press (1995).

The Mutual Gains Enterprise:Forging a Winning Partnership Among Labor, Management, and Government, with Paul Osterman. Boston: Harvard Business School Press (1994). Phone: 617.253.6689

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Core LARA Team Members:

Betty BarrettBetty Barrett is a Research Scientist and Associate Director of the Engineering Systems Learning Center with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before coming to MIT, she worked on the faculty of Michigan State University’s School of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management. Her research interests include globally dispersed teams, lean manufacturing implementation, workplace knowledge creation, and the impact of instability on workers in the aerospace industry. She has published work on alternative dispute resolution, team-based work systems and is co-author of the recently released book, Knowledge-Driven Work.

Collective Bargaining and Knowledge-Driven Work, presented at the Industrial Relations Research Association 54th Annual Meeting Poster Session, January 4-6, 2002, Atlanta, GA.

One Foot in a Global Team, One Foot at the Local Site: Making Sense Out of Living in Two Worlds Simultaneously, Janice Klein and Betty Barrett, in Advances in Interdisciplinary Study of Teams: Virtual Teams, (ed) Michael Beyerlein, Greenwich, CT, JAI Press, V.8. (2001)

Knowledge-Driven Work: Unexpected Lessons from U. S. and Japanese Work Practices, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Michio Nitta, Betty Barrett, Nejib Belhedi, Simon Chow, Takashi Inaba, Iwao Ishino, Wen-Jeng Lin, William Mothersell, Jennifer Palthe, Shobha Ramanand, Mark Strolle, and Arthur Wheaton, Oxford University Press. (1998).

Worker Adjustment to the Global Economy: a Dynamic Learning Tool for Labor Educators: an eight module adult education curriculum to assist U.S. workers to understand their links to the global economy, international trade and competition, and workers in developing countries. Project funded through a grant from the United States Agency for International Development and a consortium of Midwestern universities led by Michigan State University. Curriculum released August 31, 1996. Phone: 617.258.7207

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Susan CassSusan Cass is the Program Manager for LARA and the Communications Manager for the Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development. Before working with these research centers, Susan was the Project Coordinator for the Institute for Work and Employment Research at MIT and has worked on a variety of projects including book manuscripts, meetings, publications, and web sites. Susan was Co-Managing Editor of Perspectives on Work, a publication she helped develop for the Industrial Relations Research Association and for which she continues to write articles. Phone: 617.253.8973

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LARA Project Affiliated Team Members:

Lydia FraileLydia Fraile is Post Doctoral Fellow for the LARA Project. Lydia completed her PhD in Political Science in the spring of 2003. Her dissertation studies Spanish unions' involvement in local partnerships to tackle issues of training and employment, exploring the connection of these new strategies to collective bargaining and government policy. It recently won an award from the Industrial Relations Research Association. Fraile holds a law degree from the University of Salamanca, Spain and a MA in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Denver. Her background dovetails with LARA's interest on workforce development and effective institutions.

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George RothGeorge Roth is research associate at MITís Sloan School of Management. He has recently joined the Lean Aerospace Initiative, with research responsibilities for organizational change, transformation and enterprise design. He is on the board of the Organizational and Change Division (ODC) of the Academy of Management. He is the author of numerous academic and professional journal articles on learning and change; including articles in the Harvard Business Review, Organizational Dynamics and AQP Journal describing new approaches to diffusing learning across organizations. Other writing about companiesí experiences in developing, sustaining, and transforming learning are in his co-authored books:

To the Desert and Back: The Story of one of the Most Dramatic Business Transformations on Record (2003, Jossey-Bass)

Car Launch: Managing the Human Side of Change (2000, Oxford University Press)

Oil Change: Perspectives on Corporate Transformation (2000, Oxford University Press)

The Dance of Change: The Challenges to Sustain Momentum in Learning Organizations (1999, Doubleday/Currency)

George has a Ph.D. in Organizational Studies, an MBA in marketing and finance, and BS in Mechanical Engineering.

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Marc ThompsonMarc Thompson is a Senior Research Fellow in Employee Relations at Templeton College, University of Oxford and Associate Fellow, SKOPE (ESRC Centre for Skills and Organisational Performance) based at Oxford and Warwick Universities. He is a member of the recently launched Institute of Aerospace and Automotive Studies at Oxford University, an interdisciplinary research institute and is also a Fellow of the Oxford Institute for Employee Relations.

He is particularly interested in the impact of innovations in HR on organisational effectiveness. Marc has been mapping the diffusion of High Performance Work Organisation (HPWO) in the UK Aerospace sector over the last 6 years and understanding the impact of these practices on organisational performance. His most recent publication: High performance Work Organisation in UK Aerospace was launched at the Houses of Parliament by the Minister for Employment Relations. He has been awarded a substantial grant by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to support the development of HPWO across the sector in cooperation with employers and trade unions.

Marc has published widely in the area of human resource management and employee relations with over 40 papers, articles and book chapters. Marc teaches on a number of executive education programmes at Oxford University and is a regular speaker at industry conferences and events. He also runs a network, the Personnel Directorsí Forum (PDF), which holds seminars, workshops and events for over 50 HR Directors at Oxford. He has an MSc (Econ) from the London School of Economics and a BA (Hons) in History from Trinity College, Dublin. After working at the LSE as a researcher on comparative employment systems, he was a Principal Research Fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) at Sussex University for 10 years. He has been at Templeton College since 1998.He has worked with a various public and private organizations across Europe on the HR dimensions of change.

Recent papers include:

Social Capital and Innovation: A Psychological Contract Perspective, Academy of Management Conference, Seattle 2003

Organizational Justice and Knowledge Worker Commitment, Academy of Management Conference, Seattle 2003

IT Professionals and Knowledge Creation: The Role of Social Capital, Academy of Management Conference, Seattle, 2003

Management Capability and High Performance Work Organization, paper presented to Cornell Conference on Strategic Human Resource Management, April 2003

Reward Strategies in UK R&D Establishments, forthcoming R&D Management

The Diffusion of HR practices in the UK Aerospace Industry, Conference of HR and Performance, University of Bath, April 2002

Compensation Strategy, HR Strategy and Organizational Performance, Academy of Management, Washington, 2001

High Performance Work Organization in UK Aerospace: Case Study Report, Society of British Aerospace Companies, 2000.

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Jannis AngelisJannis Angelis is Lecturer in Operations Management at Warwick Business School and Researcher at the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge. His research and teaching focuses on how firms achieve sustainable competitiveness. It explores links between people, management and operational processes and strategies, and covers variables such as innovation and productivity and their relation to lean and agile processes.

He holds a master's degree in China Studies (SOAS) and a Cambridge PhD in Operational Effectiveness. Prior roles include advisor on venture capital, research on strategy at Harvard, on flexibility and productivity at Stanford and Berkeley, on lean manufacturing and health at Cambridge (2005 Shingo prize winner), and on sustainable high performance work strategies and practices in aerospace at Oxford.

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