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"I will never forget the struggles that millions of Americans endure." - Tommy Pelletier..... "Popularity usually comes with an expiration date, but apparently not for jeans." - Alessandro Yamhure..... "A guy once told me that being female was very encouraging because I had something to look forward to every month--my period." - Sarah Gonzalez..... "Our politics...they are like a game of chess between the Democrats and the Republicans; you can't start a new game until checkmate." - Sean Gregory..... "I am not a nerd, Americanized Chinese immigrant, Weezer-maniac, rebelling teen, overachiever, or crazed sports fan. I am Wang." - Wang Lei.... "Culture effects's all around us; we are the very fabric that makes up our culture." - Jennifer Allen, Odyssey Writer
Alessandro Yamhure

Featured Writer

  • Name: Alessandro Yamhure
  • Hometown: Nicosia Cyprus
  • Year: Freshman
  • Major: Undecided
  • Essay: It's All in the Jeans
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