MIT Curling Executive Board 2015-2016

Greg Dooley Greg Dooley

Greg is a grad student in the physics department who tries to incrementally advance knowledge of dark matter through studying simulations of the universe. After a decade of wanting to try curling, he finally had the chance with MIT in 2011 and got hooked. Beyond curling, he likes to play just about any sport available and is thus an avid fan of MIT intramurals.

Alex Hull Alex Hull

Alex started curling in 2011, as a sophomore at Colgate University in upstate NY. He was lucky enough to join college curling at a time when enthusiasm for the sport was taking off, both at Colgate and throughout the northeast, and he has been addicted ever since. After graduation in 2014, Alex moved to MIT (which he obviously chose for its competitive curling program), and his dual loyalty is something that the Colgate and MIT teams constantly give him a hard time about. When not curling, Alex is a student in the chemistry department, trying to use small molecule, gas phase spectroscopy to better understand reactions in the Earth’s atmosphere. He is also a big fan of Red Sox baseball and (like all good CT natives) UConn basketball, and enjoys swimming and hiking when the weather warms up.

Cody Karcher Cody Karcher

Cody is a graduate student in Aeronautics and Astronautics, whose research involves the application of computational tools and optimization methods to early conceptual design. Cody began curling a year ago and was a member of the 3rd place nationals team in 2015 and now curls way too much. In addition to curling, Cody is a private pilot and enjoys biking.

Philip Nadeau Phillip Nadeau

Phillip is a Canadian graduate student in Electrical Engineering at MIT. He twice competed in the USA College National Curling Championships, with a Gold Medal win for MIT in Chicago in 2011 as vice for skip Dave Tax, and Bronze in Duluth in 2013 as skip himself. While many young Canadians looked to great NHL-ers like Wayne Gretzky for inspiration, yet others, like Phillip, were aspiring curlers hoping to one day become the next Brier Champion. Growing up and moving to the USA for graduate school, he thought his curling days were surely numbered, but to his amazement, he found a strong and growing curling culture in the Boston/New England area. As curling has grown in popularity with its inclusion as an Olympic Winter Sport, he enjoys sharing his passion for this life-long game with others. See you out on the ice eh!

Media Chair

Nate Bailey Nate Bailey

Nate is a graduate student in Transportation at MIT, planning to finish his Master's Degree in May 2016 and continue into the Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Transportation and obtain a Ph.D. His research focuses on simulating autonomous vehicles and developing ways to improve traffic management once they are deployed in urban areas. Nate began curling in Fall 2015 in his first semester at MIT, after moving away from the warm climate of Berkeley, CA, where he did his undergrad at UC Berkeley.

Officers Emeritus

Andrea Dubin Andrea Dubin

Andrea likes to curl

David Tax David Tax

David is a graduate student in Electrical Engineering. He has curled for a number of years out of the Mayflower Curling Club in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, where he (supposedly) lead teams to victory several nights a week. David has skipped the MIT team at the college curling national championship the last 2 years, taking the blame for their 0-3 finish 2 years ago and naturally receiving no credit for the 2-1 effort this past year. Victory has been promissed in 2011. Aside from curling, like any true Canadian, his passion is hockey. David has developed into an avid Bruins fan since his arrival in Boston and can be found at most home games... that is when he's not actually out playing hockey or curling. When the ice melts, David resorts to playing pretentious sports like golf and tennis.