From a bureaucratic point of view, ESG is a program for first year students at MIT. ESG teaches MIT's core curriculum subjects to small groups of students in a variety of small, informal class/tutorial/self study settings. Bureaucrats don't know much; if you really want to know, visit.

I joined ESG as a student in the spring of 1979 because I preferred reading comic books to attending lectures. Now I teach at ESG; I make all my students come to class, or I flunk them. Go figure.

I tend to teach the writing courses at ESG: 21W.732 in the fall, and 21W.735 in the spring (spring 2010 is the next projected instance of 21w735 at ESG).
I have also taught physics, varients of both 8.01 and 8.02.
And often Dave teaches ESG's teaching seminar.

During the term, I have been known to bake cookies for public consumption. Cookies are liable to appear in the evenings. If the weather is nice, the cookies will appear after dusk.

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