Surviving Folios of Known Location/Ownership
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Folio # Brief Description Scholar(s) (Where Available) Location
(MIT-CK = MIT, donated by Constance Kantar)
Index Table of contents for the manuscript Allison Simi MIT-CK
2 St. Agatha Jose Cabal-Ugaz MIT-CK
14 Conversion of St. Paul Danny Wolf, N.H.
19 Unknown MIT-CK
30 (St. Agatha Mass 2?) Heske Zelermyr
31 (St. Agatha mass 2?) Rachel Goldenberg-Guyot
(Alligny sur Cosnes, France)
34 St. Gabriele, Archangel Zoe Germain
37 Saints Philip and Jacob Constance Kantar
42 Finding of the Holy Cross
(Invention of the True Cross)
Amelia Carver MIT-CK
43 (Finding of the Holy Cross, con't.) MIT; Gift of Michael & Donna Moskow
45 Vigil of St. John the Baptist Peter Orlov
49(?) St. John the Baptist Rabbi Frank Waldorf (Brookline, Mass.)
51 Vigil of the Apostles Peter and Paul Constance Kantar
56 Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul MIT-CK
71 St. Lawrence Ann Koufman
72 St. Lawrence Rachel Goldenberg-Guyot
(Alligny sur Cosnes, France)
76 Octave of St. Lawrence Constance Kantar
80 Exaltation of the Holy Cross MIT-CK
81 (Exaltation of the Holy Cross, cont.) MIT-CK
82 (Exaltation of the Holy Cross, cont.) Jessica Pourian MIT-CK
85 St. Michael Irun and Yael Cohen
(Rehovot, Israel)
87 (St. Michael) George Abrams
88 (St. Michael) George Abrams
89 All Saints (Ominum Sanctorum) TBA
90 (All Saints) Eva Goldenberg
91 (All Saints) Constance Kantar
92 (All Saints) Constance Kantar
93 All Saints (St. Martin??) Chris '8-Ball' Reyes MIT-CK
96 Dedication of a Church MIT-CK
97 (Dedication of a Church con't) Allison Simi MIT-CK
98 (Dedication of a Church con't) Nancy Kellner
100 St. Martin Eva Goldenberg
101 St. Clement (Common of a Confessor not Bishop) Diana Zhu MIT-CK
102 (Saint Clement, Pope and Martyr, con't) Constance Kantar
103 (Saint Clement, con't) Constance Kantar
104 St. Raphael MIT-CK
105 St. Raphael Anki Wolf (Newton, Mass.)
107 Guardian Angel MIT-CK
108 Guardian Angel MIT-CK