David C. Carver
6 Independence Avenue
Lexington MA 02421
Tel/Fax: +1 (781) 862-9000
Email: dcc@mit.edu, Web: http://mit.edu/dcc


David C. Carver has led more than a decade of influential work on the convergence of media, computing, and communications and the resulting interplay of technology, business, and regulatory environments. He provides technical, strategic, and investment analysis to corporations and government agencies. He is affiliated with the Research Laboratory of Electronics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and from 1993-1997 was Associate Director of the MIT Research Program on Communications Policy where he co-directed the project on Local Access Communications and directed the project on Multimedia Server Deployment in cooperation with Dartmouth College and the US Army.

His recent research and development topics include: high bandwidth local access to the communications infrastructure, wireless communications and spectrum management, multimedia storage and communications, and electronic commerce and intellectual property. He participates in government and industry forums, promoting the definition, design, and deployment of broadband communications and interactive services.

Previously, Carver was employed by Digital Equipment Corporation where from 1985 to 1993 he developed and led R&D projects in DEC's Workstations Group. He also sponsored and led joint development projects in cross-company and university partnerships. He sponsored DEC's participation in the MIT ViewStation project, bringing together digital high resolution video, broadband networks, and high performance computing. He led efforts at MIT Project Athena to develop desktop multimedia services and moved those services into DEC's workstation products.

He joined DEC in 1982 to pursue new developments in workstation systems and interactive graphics. He was an early developer and promoter of window systems and their use in interactive graphics applications, a major contributor to the X Window System standard, and developer of the first commercially available product based on X.