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Alexia Berry: Cuba

June 20 - August 24, 2001

Curated by Michelle Fiorenza

All the photographs shown here today were taken during a trip to Cuba in 1998. In my travels I attempt to capture the essence of people, especially children, through photography. I strive to see beyond the surface, far removed from any superficial or preconceived idea one might have. I capture what I see as it unfolds before my eyes; unstaged, unrehearsed. I seize reality in its wholeness, true as can be, without alternation.

In the intensity of the eyes of the Cubans I see beauty, the strength and the integrity of their souls, and an extraordinary purity and richness. Their captivating physical appearance, passionate eyes, warm smiles, or occasional sorrows offer the photographer a glimpse of the strength of their character without unnecessary prudery or reserve.

Words are too weak to express this energy they have within, the sparkle in their eye is indescribable.

Do they know something we don't?
Do they mature faster than we do?

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