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Robin Radin: Secrets and Revelations - Photographs
from Jamaica Plain Playgrounds

June 19 - August 20, 2003

Curated by Michelle Fiorenza

For over twenty years I have photographed the social landscape of my neighborhood in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. This neighborhood inspires me with its vibrant urban street life and its diverse cultural population. I make portraits of people in the context of their neighborhood' their relationships with family, neighbors and their immediate environment.

This current group of photographs is the culmination of a project I have been involved with for the past three years--an exploration of the lives of children growing up in a primarily Latino and African-American part of this neighborhood. In part, this interest in photographing children is borne of my recent new identity as a parent. Being a parent brings a dual perspective to photographing and relating to the kids in these pictures. Not only do I experience a greater degree of concern and responsibility for these kids, I also find it easier to break down the barrier between child and adult; to talk, listen, and play with them while we share in the mutuality of the photographic exchange. With my photographs, I am striving to capture some glimmer of the essence of growing up. As my project has evolved, it has come to be progressively more about revealing a viewpoint from the girls' perspective. As a woman, I am better able to describe the girls' coming of age with a mix of empathy, introspection and celebration.

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