Welcome to the MIT Debate Team! We are a member institution of the American Parliamentary Debate Association, and compete regularly on the circuit.


We hold weekly meetings on the third floor of Walker, on the river side (50-306). On most weekends, we attend tournaments at various other colleges in the Northeast, occasionally flying out to schools like Stanford. We even go abroad, to such tournaments as the Worlds University Debating Championship, the North American Championships, and the Oxford and Cambridge Intervarsities. In 2011 Worlds was held in Manilla and NorthAms was held at the University of Toronto.

The benefits of joining the debate team include learning and practicing efficient and persuasive public speaking, discussing any and every topic you can think of, all-expenses paid trips to other schools, meeting fantastic people from said schools, running the MIT tournament, etc.etc. The downside is spending various Friday nights and Saturdays away from the MIT campus (but hey, that can be a benefit also).

To join, just come to a meeting! For more information about how membership works, see the FAQ. We will also have a booth at the Activities Midway so stop by to say hi!


Congratulations to the new Exec Board:

President: Katie Ward
VP Finance: Penghui Zhou
VP Tournaments: Matthew Cole
VP Membership: Andres Salgado-Bierman
Member at Large: Brianna Jones


Dan Barclay Memorial public showcase Come watch a demo debate round in true APDA style. Time and place TBD

Refer to the Schedule Page for a complete list of events!


Interested in joining the debate team? Check out our FAQ and stop by and see us at one of our meetings or practice rounds. (All Dates and locations on the Schedule Page). Also, make sure you are on our mailing list (debate@mit.edu). If you have any other questions, please contact exec at debate-request@mit.edu. We look forward to meeting you!


Training sessions are every week at a time TBD once the school year begins in 50-306 (Walker). Exec board meetings happen 15 minutes earlier, feel free to come if you want to learn more about how the debate team works.

If you can't make it to the weekly meetings, email exec board and we will arrange something informal. Also feel free to email with any questions regarding future scheduling.


Giving to the MIT Debate Team

You may also contact our 2013-2014 exec board, or any of us individually, at the following e-mail addresses:

President:    Katie Ward    ktward@mit.edu
VP of Finance:    Penghui Zhou    phzhou@mit.edu
VP of Tournaments:    Matthew Cole    mcole@mit.edu
VP of Membership:    Andres Salgado-Bierman    asalgado@mit.edu
Meber at Large:    Brianna Jones    bjjones@mit.edu
Webmaster:    Joseph Lynch    jolynch@mit.edu
Exec Board:         debate-request@mit.edu