Over the Years

There's a huge archive of A/V files at parlidebate.com, or search for "APDA" on GoogleVideo. Some particularly good ones we recommend are listed below.


Nationals 2006 Semifinals - Kelo v New London
Yale Chilton/Gillis vs. Hopkins Bateman/Mayernick

Nationals 2005 Octofinals - Double Jeopardy
Harvard Blenkinsopp/Potapov vs. Harvard Kimel/Wen

Nationals 2003 Finals - Do you give a homeless man $1
UVA Griffin/Lewis vs. Yale Cox/Willenken

Mt. Holyoke 2001 Finals | Part 2 - Spelunking
Yale Fletcher/Willenken vs. Harvard Cooper/Kedem

MIT Appearances

Providence College 2006
Quarterfinals: MIT Fang/Zimmermann vs. Brown McNamee/Trella, Hitman

Swarthmore 2006
Octofinals: MIT Groce/Zimmermann vs. UPenn Fields/Schubert, 2nd Amendment
Quarterfinals: Hopkins/W&M Bateman/Ford vs. MIT Groce/Zimmermann, Carter, don't let Iranian Shah into US for cancer treatment

Smith 2006
Quarterfinals: Harvard Brezinski/Cafritz vs. MIT Groce/Zimmermann, Carter, don't boycott Olympics

Harvard 2006
Quarterfinals: Stanford Bridges/Mohiuddin vs. MIT Groce/Zimmermann, Cheating
Semifinals: MIT Groce/Zimmermann vs. Princeton Reilly/Sheltzer, Attempted murder
Finals: Yale Chilton/Wansley vs. MIT Groce/Zimmermann, Means-tested right to emigration

Fordham 2006
Semifinals: Maryland/W&M Bagchi/DeBella vs. MIT Groce/Zimmermann, Roper v Simmons was wrongly decided

Middlebury 2007
Quarterfinals: MIT Fang/Zimmermann vs. Fordham LaForest/Marsico, Congressional term limits

Williams 2007
Finals: MIT Fang/Groce vs. Brown/Smith Gleason/Lamboy, Organ transplant for death row criminal

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