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DeepArch - Beginnings
David A. Mindell

December 30, 1997


This is the germ of an e-mail list for the Black Sea surveys in the summer of '98. I hope to use it as a general means of communication, perhaps also as a forum for relevant discussion. It should grow beyond its current small size, so please send me names of people who should be involved.

I'd like to begin a "Working group on deep-water archaeology," to begin familiarizing ourselves with some of the intellectual issues here, everything from ancient Sinop to technology development. Such a group will meet regularly in a seminar format at MIT, perhaps one afternoon per month, and we can use it as a forum to present our own work and begin learning about what each other is doing. A number of topics for such sessions already suggest themselves:

-Results of Skerki Bank '97

-Results of Black Sea Land Surveys, '96, '97

-Methodology in deep-sea archaeology

-Academic background to Black Sea trade (i.e. Why is it important?)

-Oceanography of the Black Sea

-Introduction to sonar survey technologies

Obviously, there can be many more. My approach would be to plan a few at first and leave a few more open, so we can invite people for things which emerge as important. More ideas are welcome.

Happy New Year!





Deep Water Archaeology Research Group
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave. Rm e51-194
Cambridge, MA 02139



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