MIT Design for Demining

Assignment 2 - Technologies and processes

Assigned Friday, February 9
Due Wednesday, February 14, by 3:30 pm


Read "A Fresh Approach to Road Clearance Operations" by Roger Hess.

Read any three articles in Issue 7.3 of the Journal of Mine Action.

Review the manual demining process in Bob Keeley's paper, "Understanding Landmines and Mine Action", previously assigned.

Read through the 10 presentations that are part of "Introducing demining" by Andy Smith.


Find 2 examples of each of the following technologies used in demining.

1. Small tools or devices about the size that would fit in a duffel bag
2. Medium sizes tools or devices about the size of a kitchen table
3. Large size tools or devices about the size of a vehicle
4. Animals or plants of any size

You will need to find out about 8 technologies (2 examples X 4 categories). You should not use more than four technologies from the reading so far in this class including the reading for this assignment. One or two web sites will give you all of the answers if you find the right ones.

Try to find technologies that do widely different things. You could use the Bob Keeley reading as a guide to areas of demining, which will all have associated technology. Give each technology a name and write a sentence or two on what it is used for and how it works. Obtain an image for each one. Compile these into a document with one technology per page by inserting page breaks after each technology entry.


Sign up for the IGEOD Forum by going to Also sign up for the MGM Network Forum by going to and clicking on "Professionals' Area" in the menu on the left then on "MGM Network" at the top of the page. Start reading posts as they come through.


Email your compiled document as a PDF file or a Word compatible file to Be sure to include your name, date and assignment title in the document. Check that your images are embedded in the file and not just linked in. Also, print the document out and bring a hard copy to class. We will pass the images around and make lists on the board of the various devices that were found.