MIT Design for Demining

Assignment 4 - Accidents

Assigned Friday, February 16
Due Wednesday, February 21, by 3:30 pm

Note: Assignments 4 and 5 are assigned and due at the same time.


Read the JMA paper "The Facts on Protection Needs in Humanitarian Demining" by Andy Smith

Follow this with the JMA paper "What Use is a Database of Demining Accidents?" also by Andy Smith.


Read at least 10 incident records selected at random in the Database of Demining Incidents and Victims. Do not read sequentially.

Focus on exploring these by "Activity" and by "Cause." It is less helpful to explore them by "Country." Also, read the Incident Record "Notes."

Demining incidents are a great way to learn about issues in demining that could potentially be addressed through design. As you read the incidents, come up with one or more ideas for each of the records you read.

Pay attention to the types of people involved as well as the nature of the incident. Think about who your ideas are meant to help. You may find that most of your ideas help only one community member type such as deminers. By changing your focus to other community members, you can usually think of many more ideas.

Represent each idea with a title and thumbnail sketch on a 3x5 or 4x6 card and label the sketch. Write clearly and boldly and create large sketches on the card. Use a bold black marker to write with.


Bring 10 or more idea cards to class for review and to hand in. Wrap them in a rubber band or zip lock bag so we can keep track of them. Be sure to include a card with your name, date and assignment name on it.