MIT Design for Demining

Assignment 5 - Community

Assigned Friday, February 16
Due Wednesday, February 21, by 3:30 pm

Note: Assignments 4 and 5 are assigned and due at the same time.


Read the JMA paper "Women Deminers in Croatia" by Jennette Townsend

Read the JMA paper "First Person: Deminers' Stories" by Huntington Associates


You should have already signed up for the MGEM and IGEOD Forum demining mailing list and be receiving messages.

Here are 1000 messages archived from the MGM list. 1-500 messages and 501-1000 messages totalling over 2000 pages. Use these files to supliment your reading on the lists and to see older discussions.

Read at least 20 email messages from the lists and archives, and you may wish to read more. Follow some threads of current and past discussions for several messages as well as reading messages from different threads.

Identify different categories of people that are participating in the discussions or that are being discussed. Give each catagory a conceptual name. Avoid using any real names.

Get a sense of what the participants are talking about, what issues are raised, who is participating in the discussions and what organizations they are from. Take notes as you go under each of your categories as they form.

Note that there are several threads discussing new tools or technologies for demining.

Also review records in the accident database and note the categories of people involved in the incidents as well.

Create a diagram on an 11x17 piece of paper of the different people you have learned about so far in this class that are involved in the demining community. Start by making a list of the roles or titles of the different people you read about. Depict who is involved and the relationships they have to each other.


Bring your diagram to class to hand in. Be sure to include the assignment name, a title, your name and the date.

You will be asked to share your characterizations in class so that we can begin to build a sense of the people active in the demining community. As we build this understanding, it will guide our development of products.