MIT Design for Demining

Assignment 9 - Project criteria

Assigned Wednesday, March 7
Due Friday, March 9, by 3:30 pm


Create a list of 10 selection criteria for choosing a project to work on. These criteria will be used to help us select the projects for the rest of the semester.

Consider different constituents when identifying criteria, including deminers, manufacturers/distributers, yourself and members of the class. Don't forget your own interests and motivations, which are legitimate criteria for doing projects.

State your criteria in a form that is quantitative or measurable when possible. For example, "doable in this class" could be better stated as "Expenses can be covered by the available budget," "Can be completed in the time available" "Can be complete with the skills and equipment that we have."


Email your list to by the due date and time in an email with the subject line "SP776 A9 Criteria". Include the assignment name, your name and the date at the top of the email or PDF file that you create.