MIT Design for Demining



20% Individual Assignments
10% Project Proposal
15% Design Review 1
20% Design Review 2
25% Project Report
10% Attendance and Participation

Instructors use the marks obtained by a student and their discretion to determine a final course grade. Discretionary considerations include attention to personal development, ethical practice, respect for others, active involvement with your work and recognition of design ability not reflected in the assessment marks given out.

Intellectual Property Considerations

MIT Policies and Procedures indicate that students own the intellectual property they create while taking MIT courses, provided the work is not developed in the course of or pursuant to a sponsored research or other agreement, not created as a "work-for-hire" by operation of copyright law, and not developed with the significant use of funds or facilities administered by MIT.

In all likelihood, you will own the intellectual property you create in this class. Students only occasionally combine their class work with their research or their employment work. From a legal perspective, you will not be using significant MIT funds or facilities.

Given the service nature of this course, an effective mechanism for providing service is to place final student class work in the public domain. In some cases, it is the only way to provide a community a service.

As the need arises, we will discuss intellectual property plans in further detail for individual projects. In any event, do not hesitate to talk with us if you have any questions regarding this information.