Golf/Jetta IV Relay List

RelayProd. Control NumberRelay LocationPower Source/CircuitDescriptionNotes
Relay PanelThirteenfold Auxiliary Relay PanelEngine Comp.BatteryFuse PanelIgnition SwitchLight Switches
J4531S240Dual Horn Relay
J5534E7/NLFog Light Relay
J174094S163Fuel Pump RelayGasoline engine only
J31192/377/389 (See Note)V/VIS224Wiper/Washer Intermittent Relay377; 192 with rain-sensor; 389 with headlight washers
J5218010S163Glow Plug RelayDiesel only
J5918/1002S176Load Reduction Relay
J89173     7/8      (See Note)E1/TFLDaytime Running Lights Change-over RelayLocation 8 through 3/99; location 7 from 4/99
J207   53/185    (See Note)3D/50bStarting Interlock RelayManual transmission only; 185 through 4/99; 53 from 5/99
J22617511S176S7Park/Neutral Position RelayAutomatic transmission only
J271428XS10Motronic ECM Power Supply RelayGasoline engine only
J299100XS162Secondary Air Injection (AIR) Pump RelayGasoline engine only
J31710912S176Power Supply RelayDiesel only
J398792S238Remote Rear Lid RelayMY99 Jetta only; MY01 Jetta Wagon only
J4534505/6S176Control Module for Multifunction Steering Wheel

Power Sources and Circuits

DIgnition Switch
E1Light Switch
E4Headlight Dimmer Switch
E7Fog Light Switch

15To ignition, etc.
30Constant power from Relay Panel
50bTo starter
56aTo headlight high beam
56bTo headlight low beam
58To parking lights, etc.
58LTo left parking lights
58RTo right parking lights
75From Ignition Switch (D) to Load Reduction Relay
75xFrom Load Reduction Relay
86STo radio, etc.
87From Fuel Pump Relay
NLTo fog lights
TFLTo daytime running lights